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2 orphans and grandmother with cancer need help

(BGO) - Few days ago when she was on the way to work, Bui Thi Thuy (born in 1985) in Vang village, Dong Lac commune, Yen The district, Bac Giang province died from a traffic accident leaving her old mother with terminal cancer and 2 little kids.

Thuy’s family situation is very miserable. She has 1 younger sister who got married in a far locality. Their father died young. Thuy is a single mom caring 2 little kids and her old mother.

2 orphans, grandmother with cancer, need help, traffic accident, single mom, main labourer, kind-hearted people,

Bui Thi Thuy’s children at her funeral.

5 years ago, Thuy’s mother named Lang Thi Them (born in 1960) was detected breast cancer. Due to their hard economic situation, Them did not get early treatment. Recently, she could not bear the pain, then she decided to come to hospital for treatment but the disease turned to stage 4 spreading to her bone that is inoperable.

This 4-member family used to live on Thuy’s income as an electronic worker. However, after Thuy passed away, her old mother and small children Bui Thuy Duong (born in 2009) and Bui Khanh Duy (born in 2014) do not know whom to count on.

According to Nguyen Van Son, head of Vang village, Thuy’s family borrowed about 190 million VND (8,200 USD) from the banks to expand their livestock some years ago but all of their pigs and chickens died from the epidemic; thus they could not have paid the debt. Apart from the above loan, Thuy owes animal feed stores some 50 million VND (2,100 USD).

Thuy passed away, her family lost the main labourer and is deep in debt while Them’s disease becomes more seriously. Them and Thuy’s children really need help from kind-hearted people and community.

Any support should be sent to the address Lang Thi Them, Vang village, Dong Lac commune, Yen The district, Bac Giang province at phone number 0369 861339 or Bui Van Nguyen’s bank account No 2508205093469 at Agribank, Yen The branch (Them’s brother-in-law) or contact Nguyen Van Son, head of Vang village at phone number 0835 689 568.

Tuan Duong

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2 orphans, grandmother with cancer, need help, traffic accident, single mom, main labourer, kind-hearted people,
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