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Burned girl with severe sepsis needs help

(BGO)- It is the case of Vi Thi Yen Nhi (born in 2010), a Tay ethnic girl in Na Vang village, Van Son commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province. Nhi was a victim of a gasoline explosion 1 year ago. Currently, her burns get severely septic while her family faces extremely difficult economic situation.

Nhi is a pretty good girl. On 20 May 2019, she cooked dinner for her parents after school. When she had burned the fire in the kitchen, the nearby bottle of gasoline (which her father bought for the acacia wood cutting machine) exploded. Unfortunately, Nhi got badly burned especially the burns causing deformities of her right ear stretching along her back.

Burned girl, severe sepsis, needs help, Bac Giang province, Vi Thi Yen Nhi, Tay ethnic girl, gasoline explosion, difficult economic situation

The burn injury causes Yen Nhi’s body deformities while the burns at her neck gets badly septic.

Nhi’s family is not in good economic situation that her parents had to borrow nearly 200 million VND (8,600 USD) for her treatment during half of a year in hospital. Their family got exhausted so they had to bring Nhi home for treatment with herbal medicine. While they could not have paid the old debts, Nhi got high fever some days ago with pain at the old burns that she could not eat anything. After she was checked, the doctor said she got septic with pus from the old burns.

Now Nhi is cured at the 5th floor, N5 building in Hanoi National Institute of Burns. Seeing her daughter with terrible hurt and hearing the doctor’s conclusion about her condition in need of aggressive treatment with big sum of money for operation (about hundreds of millions VND), Do Thi Viet (Nhi’s mother) said in tears, “Where to earn that sum of money to save our daughter whilst we could not have paid the old debts for our relatives!”

After Nhi got accident, the local government and unions mobilized donation for her but that was not enough. Without money for treatment and operation, what will happen to this little girl and how is her future?

Kindhearted people please help Yen Nhi, a poor grade-5 student so that she can continue her school and have a normal life as her friends.

Any support should be sent to her father Vi Van Vinh at phone number 0977523986 or her mother Do Thi Viet at phone number 0382321681 in Na Vang village, Van Son commune, Son Dong district or Vi Van Hanh, Secretary of the Youth Union of Van Son commune at phone number 0964062286, bank account No. 2509205279244 of Ninh Thi Hop at Agribank.

Tuan Duong

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Burned girl, severe sepsis, needs help, Bac Giang province, Vi Thi Yen Nhi, Tay ethnic girl, gasoline explosion, difficult economic situation
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