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A miserable family needs help

(BGO) - Everyone got shocked when hearing Bui Trang Trang (born in 1992) at No 12, Thanh Thien street, Bac Giang city die in a traffic accident. No one could hold back tears to see Trang’s family condition.

Trang’s father named Bui Ngoc Tu (born in 1957) is a veteran and her mother Pham Thi Mai (born in 1959) used to sell veggies in front of their house. Trang has a younger brother Bui Ngoc Duy (born in 1994) who suffers from meningitis with serve brain injury that he is unable to do anything. They were inherited a shelter from their ancestors.

Miserable family, needs help, traffic accident, Bac Giang province, traffic accident, poor family, long-term treatment

Tu, his wife and their son with cerebral palsy.

10 years ago, Tu had a sudden stroke that he had to undergo long-term treatment to move again while facing speech difficulty. Unfortunately, Mai also got a stroke causing paralysis of the legs with movement difficulty and constraints on cognitive ability. The family of 4 people depend on Trang.

According to Trang’s neighbours, she is very hard working and independent to care for herself and her family. After graduating from the faculty of Korean and Japanese languages, Phuong Dong University, she has worked as a teacher and interpreter with a salary of some 10 million VND (431 USD) but it is not enough for a poor family.

A friend of Trang shared, Trang was a reserved person who always worried about earning money. She only sighed when being asked about getting married and thought about being a single mom. Trang’s job was affected by Covid-19 outbreak and she had to sell her laptop and personal stuff to manage her family’s living. On 10 December, Trang got a traffic accident, the cause of which is under investigation.

Everyone was touched to see Tu crying with movement obstacle and distorted mouth when receiving guests to his daughter’s funeral, Trang’s innocent brother with cerebral palsy waving hands and legs around his sister’s coffin and Mai huddling in the dark corner covered with a mess of blankets, clothes and dirty dishes.

Miserable family, needs help, traffic accident, Bac Giang province, traffic accident, poor family, long-term treatment

The place where Tu’s family is living.

Sharing with their big loss, the relatives, local government, unions and neighbors even unfamiliar people helped to arrange Trang’s funeral.

Trang now is resting in peace but we must worry about Tu, Mai and their disabled son. How will they live in coming days? These miserable persons really need help of the organizations and kind-hearted people.

Any support should be sent to Bui Ngoc Tu at No 12, Thanh Thien street, Lo Loi ward, Bac Giang city, bank account No 2501205197115 at Agribank, Bac Giang II branch or phone No 0974658865 of Thuong (his relative living next to their house).

Tuan Duong

More than 4.2 billion VND donated to Fund for the poor
(BGO) -  Responding to the Action Month for the poor from October 17 to November 18, 107 organizations, agencies and enterprises donated more than 1.7 billion VND (73,352 USD) to the Fund for the Poor in Bac Giang province as of November 17.
Various activities to support the poor per specific address
(BGO) – Responding to the emulative movement “The whole nation join hands for the poor”, the Fatherland Front Committee (FFC) in Bac Giang province and member organizations have launched many programmes and activities to deliver practical support. Thanks to the aided expenses to build house, preferential loan or monthly allowance, several poor and impoverished households are able to overcome the life challenges.  
Bac Giang provides free health examination to the poor
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(BGO) - These days, agencies, units, localities, organizations and individuals in Bac Giang province are actively mobilizing resources for the provincial Fund for the Poor and people in central flood-hit areas. The activities are in response to the Peak Month for the Poor 2020 (from October 17 to November 18) and the Social Security Programme 2021.
Miserable family, needs help, traffic accident, Bac Giang province, traffic accident, poor family, long-term treatment
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