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Bac Giang promotes administrative reform to lure investment

BGO - In order to continue improving the efficiency of investment attraction, Bac Giang is determined to do well administrative reform, focusing on renovating administrative procedures to create a transparent, open and favorable business environment.

Determining the work plays an important role in attracting investment, over the past time, the provincial Party Committee and People's Committee have directed departments, agencies, and People's Committees at all levels to focus on implementing well the one-stop-shop model; set the lists of procedures and cut time for handling administrative procedures under their jurisdiction; and apply information technology (IT). 

Bac Giang, administrative reform, investment, administrative procedures

Handling administrative procedures for citizens at the provincial Public Administration Service Center.

Notably, the province translated administrative procedures related to investment into English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean; compiled a guidance handbook; and established a working group to receive and process information and feedback of enterprises regarding difficulties and problems in the investing, production and business process in the locality, creating a highlight in administrative reform in this field. In 2019, Bac Giang ranked 9th in the country in the Satisfaction Index of Public Administrative Services (SIPAS) and 25th in the Public Administrative Reform (PAR) Index, naming it in Group B of the country.

In addition to the above achievements, there are still shortcomings. In some places, local Party committees, authorities, and leaders have not really paid attention to and assessed the importance of administrative reform, so they lacked determination in direction. A part of officials and civil servants were lazy in changing their working methods or had behaviors causing difficulties for organizations and citizens.

Identifying the above issues as administrative barriers affecting the business and investment environment, the provincial People's Committee has directed departments, agencies and localities to drastically fix them, focusing on well implementing a number of groups of solutions. One of them is that Party committees and authorities at all levels actively follow the contents of the Master Programme on Public Administrative Reform and concretize them into goals and tasks of each agency, unit and locality.

The provincial People's Committee has required agencies, units and localities to continue building and perfecting institutions and policies to create a synchronous legal foundation, implement the one-stop-shop mechanism in resolving administrative procedures; regularly review and simplify processes, cut 25-30 percent of the processing time for administrative procedures with a deadline of 15 days or more and at least 25 percent of the processing time for those with a deadline of less than 15 days. Officials and civil servants must strictly follow the principles of four “xin” (in Vietnamese) (hello, sorry, thank you and ask for permission); four “luon" (Always smiling, always being gentle, always listening and always helping others); and five “khong” (No abuse of power to cause difficulties for people and businesses; no bureaucracy; no corruption, waste and group interests; not flattering and cheating; and not taking advantage of position and power in performing public duties.

The province will maintain and improve the efficiency of the set of PAR indicators; study, promote and multiply effective models and initiatives in administrative reform; consider simplifying dossier contents and improving processes related to investment, business registration and labor.

It will continue to inform and disseminate contents relating to administrative reform to cadres, civil servants, public employees, citizens and enterprises through mass media agencies and appropriate forms. Bac Giang will fix the slow processing of administrative procedures, while strengthening administrative discipline in performing public duties and strictly punishing any acts that cause troubles for people and businesses.

It will promote IT application and develop the province's e-government platforms connected to information systems and databases of ministries and agencies.

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Vu Manh Hung

Bac Giang, administrative reform, investment, administrative procedures
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