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Viet Yen attaches importance to developing key agricultural products

(BGO) - Recognized as the first new-style rural district in the province in 2018, Viet Yen district has focused on raising the criteria, with priority given to sustainably developing commodity-based agriculture, thus gradually improving economic efficiency.

Forming specialized farming areas

According to the district Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, by the end of 2020, the district had formed vegetable production areas up to VietGAP standard and high-tech agricultural production areas on more than 128 ha, along with 12 model fields of rice and crops on a total area of 423.8 ha. In the 2021-2025 period, it will continue to convert about 400 ha of inefficient rice to other crops, and focus on selecting appropriate varieties for cultivation in the specialized farming areas, including 17 specialized rice cultivation areas on nearly 1,900 ha and 11 areas specializing in cultivating food crops covering about 356 ha. The area of commodity rice is mainly in the communes of Quang Minh, Trung Son and Huong Mai.

Viet Yen, attaches importance, key agricultural products

Many models growing vegetables in net and membrane houses in Viet Tien commune bring high income to farmers.

In order to facilitate the sale of agricultural products, the district has gathered resources to invest in developing the transport system and concreting inner-field canals. Many projects have been put into use, facilitating the production, harvesting and transportation of agricultural products in the locality. Currently, the rate of concrete village roads reached more than 96.1 percent. Nguyen Thi Xuan, a resident in Viet Tien commune, said: "Thanks to the new roads, customers can buy agricultural products right in the fields, making it easier for local farmers".

Further raising value of agricultural products

In 2021, the district strives for an average agricultural production value of 123 million VND (5,342 USD) per ha. The rate of safe and processed vegetables is expected to reach 46.2 percent. This time, Viet Yen district is focusing on communications to raise farmers’ awareness of crop restructuring towards developing high-value crops, while promoting the application of advanced technology and developing linkage models in agricultural production. At the same time, the district is researching and zoning off cultivation areas and selecting types of plants and animals suitable to the conditions of each locality. It will actively support farmers in connecting, transferring and applying technical advances; and assist the building and development of brands of key agricultural products, thus stabilizing product consumption.

In 2021, the district strives for an average agricultural production value of 123 million VND per ha; the rate of safe vegetables and processed vegetables reaching 46.2 percent; biosafety farm husbandry 40-43 percent; and biosafety aquaculture 40.5 percent of the intensive farming area.

According to Tran Van Phuong, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Quang Minh commune, for many years, the district has planned an 80-ha specialized rice cultivation area spanning the two villages of Kha Ly Thuong and Kha Ly Ha. In the winter-spring crop this year, the district has built a commodity rice production area here growing the rice variety JO2. To encourage locals to actively participate in the model, the commune has cooperated with the Vietnam High Tech Agricultural Materials - Seed Joint Stock Company (a company that produces the rice variety) in organizing a seminar to guide farmers how to sow and care for the rice variety and disseminate information on its advantages and yield. In addition, the district, commune and village supported 25,000 VND per kg of rice seed. As a result, more than 100 households in Kha Ly Thuong village have participated in the model, with a cultivated area of 20 ha.

Similarly, in Viet Tien commune, over the past time, relevant agencies and organizations have focused on persuading local people to continue to change cultivation models to increase productivity and value of agricultural products. At present, the commune has 10.1 ha of membrane houses for cultivating many quality plants such as Korean honeydew, pear-shaped melon, baby cucumber and grape...

In the long term, according to Than Van Thuan, Vice Chairman of the district People's Committee, the district will encourage all economic sectors to invest in agriculture and rural areas to raise the value of agricultural products.

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Viet Yen, attaches importance, key agricultural products
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