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First Covid-19 vaccination drive in Bac Giang sees no serious reactions

(BGO) - After more than 10 days of implementing the first Covid-19 inoculation drive in the province, nearly 3,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been injected into target persons according to regulations. Through this drive, many valuable professional experiences have been drawn by the health sector to ensure safe and effective vaccinations.

Strictly following the standard vaccination procedure

Recently, Bac Giang province was allocated 3,100 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to inject those belonging to priority group 1. They are staff members engaging in epidemiological investigations at provincial, district and commune levels; medical workers who take samples for testing and vaccination; those working at concentrated quarantine facilities and departments for infectious diseases and emergency in hospitals and clinics; and drivers transporting patients and samples...

First Covid-19 vaccination drive, Bac Giang, no serious reactions

Leaders of the provincial Center for Disease Control supervise the Covid-19 vaccination at the Yen Dung district Health Center.

The provincial General Hospital and the Luc Nam district Medical Center organized the vaccinations on the first day (March 11) of the drive. The following days, the drive was implemented at the health centers of Bac Giang city and districts and other provincial-level health care units. As of March 22, the province had seen 2,904 doses of vaccine injected, reaching 93.6 percent. Six out of 19 units have completed vaccinations, including the provincial General Hospital, and the medical centers of Luc Ngan, Luc Nam, Tan Yen, Yen The and Hiep Hoa districts. The remaining are expected to finish the work in the next few days.

The inoculation has been carried out in accordance with the standard procedure and regulations of the Ministry of Health, from making plans, preparing facilities, and arranging injection sites. All the units have strictly followed the steps (reception, medical declaration, screening, injection and post-injection monitoring) to ensure the one-way rule.

Assessing the results of the first vaccination drive, Le Tien Cuong, Deputy Director of the provincial Center for Disease Control, said in general, the vaccinations took place safety in line with the standard procedure and set plans. According to the units’ reports, out of 2,900 injected cases, 703 had post-injection side effects of different levels, with the main manifestations such as mild fever below 39 degrees Celsius, headache, pain at the injection site, body aches, and chills... However, these side effects lasted only 1-2 days, depending on the severity, and had been warned for those injected. Up to now, the province has not recorded any cases of severe reactions after vaccination.

Striving for 95 percent of at-risk people and residents to get all shots

Through this inoculation drive, a lesson learned by the health sector is that the plan making must be very conducted thoughtfully and specifically from the number of vaccine doses, injection sites to personnel arrangement. Communications work must be promoted in many forms, creating peace of mind and trust among people to be injected. As this is a new vaccine, top priority should be given to the selection of experienced medical workers to perform the task in all stages. On the other hand, it is necessary to closely monitor and supervise the daily injection process in medical establishments to better vaccinations in the next time. Notably, people after injection must be closely monitored for their health and all the health facilities must publicize their hotlines and the phone number of the leader of the post-injection emergency team.

The province has 225 immunization facilities, including 219 designated for the expanded immunization programme, 11 public on-demand immunization service providers, and 25 private establishments offering on-demand immunization services. More than 1,400 health workers engage in expanded immunization work across the locality.

According to the province’s plan, in the 2021 – 2022 period, Bac Giang will have 95 percent of at-risk people and residents fully vaccinated against Covid-19. In the coming time, based on the allocated vaccine volume, the province will continue to implement the vaccinations for target groups according to regulations. Districts and city will develop specific and suitable plans, focusing highly on training and investigating target persons to ensure safe and effective Covid-19 vaccinations, with a view to inoculating about 1.3 million people against the coronavirus in the province.

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First Covid-19 vaccination drive, Bac Giang, no serious reactions
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