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Chief of provincial Youth Federation Office Vi The Son: "Captain" of many clubs with a record of 46 blood donations

(BGO) – Vi The Son, Chief of the Office of the provincial Youth Union, is well-known for making the most blood donations in the province, an official of the provincial Red Cross Society said at a Red Sunday event that recently took place in Tan Yen district.

Sixteen years of "giving fire" to blood donation movement

In a small room on the 8th floor of the provincial inter-agency building, a slim young man was busy with his work. Vi The Son passionately talked about the days he had been excited with the blood donation movement. He is a Tay ethnic minority, turning 42 this year. 

Chief of provincial, Youth Federation Office, Vi The Son, Bac Giang province, record of 46 blood donations, Red Cross Society

Vi The Son in a blood donation drive.

In 2004, after graduating from university, he was recruited to work as an officer of the Yen The district Youth Union. One year later, he was in charge of blood donation mobilization in the district. At that time, Bac Giang province and Yen The district just started the blood donation movement. Therefore, in those first days, he encountered many difficulties to persuade officials and people to participate in blood donation.

When Yen The district organized the first blood donation programme in October 2005, he volunteered to be among the first people to do the meaningful job of giving away his drops of blood. After that, he promoted communications activities to raise awareness of the humanitarian meaning of blood donation among heads of organizations and unions in the district, because they had an influence on many people in agencies and collectives. 

With his positive contributions to the blood donation movement to save lives, Vi The Son was presented the awards "Youth with a nine lifestyle in 2017" and "The outstanding blood donor in the country in 2010".

Gradually, these people understood and persuaded other employees in their agencies and their family members, then lower-level mass organizations in their communes and villages.

“In my opinion, if we want other people to believe and follow us, we must be an example. Many times I and my family members have joined in blood donation. Up to now, I have made 46 blood donations, becoming a person with the most blood donations in Bac Giang province”, Son said.

Spreading the blood donation movement

Son said that in 2010, he moved to work at the provincial Youth Federation and was assigned as chairman of the province’s club of standby blood donors, with the task of mobilizing blood donations and willingly donating blood for emergencies in many hospitals across the province.

Son has blown a new wind into the development of the clubs. He directly went to the districts across the province to learn about the real situation and find ways to connect with relevant units and launch district-level clubs of standby blood donors. To date, he has directly set up and maintained 27 such clubs in districts, universities and colleges in the province with about 1,000 members. These clubs do communication work and are willing to donate blood to patients in emergency in the districts.

Chief of provincial, Youth Federation Office, Vi The Son, Bac Giang province, record of 46 blood donations, Red Cross Society

Crowds of officials, Party members and people of all classes in Bac Giang city participate in the voluntary blood donation festival.

In order to catch up with the new trend of young people, he has promoted the blood donation movement on social networks. He spent time on the internet trying to make friends and meet with leaders of online groups on Facebook and Zalo, such as “Bac Giang Online” Club, “I Love Bac Giang” Club ... and other volunteer groups. After that, he expressed his wish to coordinate with the group leaders to spread the spirit of blood donation to save lives on social media.

"There are about 70 online and volunteer groups in and outside the province accompanying me in calling on youths and people to join blood donation with hundreds of participants,” he said.

Than Trung Kien, Secretary of the provincial Youth Union and Chairman of the provincial Youth Federation, said that Son is a pioneer who has strongly developed many effective blood donation clubs. These clubs have contributed to bringing the blood donation movement into the life of youth and spreading it among the community.


Nguyen Thang
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Chief of provincial, Youth Federation Office, Vi The Son, Bac Giang province, record of 46 blood donations, Red Cross Society
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