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War veteran and wounded soldier Nguyen Duc Duc, bright model in doing business and charity work

(BGO) – In spite of old age, the veteran and wounded soldier in Vietnam war against America Nguyen Duc Duc (born in 1950) still keeps working. He helps his children operate a large scale company specialized at trading Tien Phong plastic pipe, water and power equipment. He often drives his car on business trip, social and charity journeys. 

Duc family now lives in a 3 story building near national road No.17 in Trung hamlet, Nghia Trung commune (Viet Yen district) which is also office of Phuc Duc Company Limited with 30 workers. In the 3,000 square meter workshop, 10 trucks fully loaded with various types of Tien Phong plastic pipe, power and water equipment are ready to deliver the commodities to many clients in and outside the province.

War veteran, wounded soldier, Nguyen Duc Duc, bright model, doing business, charity work, Bac Giang province, social and charity journeys

War veteran Nguyen Duc Duc (outer left) visits and presents gift to family of old comrade.

Joining the army in 1971, Duc became official member in Regiment No.559 of Truong Son soldiers with the task of driving truck over the mountain and forest to transport food, military equipment, the Southern battlefield then hand over the truck to the rear area. The bomb pressure at Truong Son No 37 Military Station in Laos made him severely wounded. Then Duc asked for leaving from military due to poor health condition then returned to hometown to get married.

During the wartime with subsidized economy, he worked at Nghia Trung as Vice Chairman of the Cooperative. Later on when the mechanizm was removed, he and many people tried their best to earn a better living. He asked to quit the job in the commune to do business to raise the family with 5 kids.

Thanks to the spirit and energy practised in military, he did every work to earn money legally. In 1989, he opened a fertilizer store and worked as the engineer to install the manual pump to the well for local families on demand. These works helped him earn good income.

After 11 years, he spent his savings on establishing Phuc Duc Co.,Ltd (supplier of Tien Phong Plastic Company) in 2000 with the role of Director.

The difficulties and challenges could not conquer the war veteran for his capability and activeness in business plan and prestige. Gradually, he has built a developed company with firm position on the market in and outside the district as well as other adjacent provinces. At old age, he has transferred the company to his children and worked as the consultant for recent years with strategic business plans.

He always encourages the labours via bonus, gift, insurance, regular visit and assistance, especially in hard time. Now the Company employs 30 regular labourers, many of whom are children of the war veterans and enjoy average income of 7 – 8 million VND (303 – 346 USD) per person per month.

The Company sufficiently fulfil the tax duty to the State while mobilizing a part of benefit for the social, charity and humanitarian works as well as building school, road and restoring the local relic sites.

Remembering about his comrade, Nguyen Quang Huan, Chairman of Truong Son Ho Chi Minh Road Traditional Association (Association) said Duc is Vice Chairman of the Association in Viet Yen district and member of the Executive Board in the provincial Association. He is very enthusiasm with all activities and always pays due attention to the members of war veteran. Duc regularly supports the families of the war veteran with material and spiritual difficulties.

Whenever the provincial Association launches event, he arranges work to participate and support in both material and spirit aspects. He often drives his own car to implement the Association’s affairs, picks up comrades to join various activities.

He spends his monthly allowance for wounder soldier of 1 million VND to charity activity and support other cases as the way to donate a little part to the families of his old comrades who now encounter hardness in life.

Modestly Duc shared: “I feel delighted when doing something for others. It is so lucky and happy for me to live till now because many comrades sacrificed at the battlefield. I think I need to help the poor and disadvantaged families of war veterans when I earn some properties. I consider it is the responsibility of the old comrades who till enjoy the life now”.

Tuan Minh

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War veteran, wounded soldier, Nguyen Duc Duc, bright model, doing business, charity work, Bac Giang province, social and charity journeys
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