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Bac Giang aims to see no more Covid-19 cases after June 21

(BGO) - The People's Committee of Bac Giang province has directed the People's Committees of districts and Bac Giang city and the provincial Industrial Parks Management Board to devise plans to control the Covid-19 epidemic in the province, with the goal of having no new cases detected after June 21.

As of 7pm on June 7, more infections (F0) were recorded in the outbreaks at the local industrial zones, raising the total number of cases here to 3,363. There were 20,592 people who have close contact with F0 cases (F1); and 90,061 people who have close contact with F1 cases (F2). The new cases are mainly workers and some family members, most of them are detected in concentrated quarantine areas, so the possibility of the disease spreading to the community is very low.

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Workers at the Dinh Tram Industrial Park get counseling after Covid-19 vaccination.

On June 7, the province continued to focus on taking samples of workers, people in blocked areas and those residing in Viet Yen district for testing. A total of 970,619 samples have been taken so far, with 955,300 processed. In addition, localities have collected 360,008 samples for community screening testing.

The Chairman of the provincial People's Committee has issued a dispatch requesting the districts and city to keep maximum distancing in concentrated quarantine areas (a maximum of 2 people per room; and one person per room in rooms where F0 cases are recorded). The Chairpersons of People's Committees of the districts and city must bear responsibility if many F0 cases are detected in quarantine sites.

Currently, the whole province is operating 237 concentrated quarantine sites, with 15,723 people under quarantine, half of them workers from Nui Hieu village. As of June 7, the province had arranged 18 quarantine and treatment areas for Covid-19 patients with an expected capacity of 6,710 beds. During the day, 89 more patients were given the all-clear, raising the total recoveries to 370. As many as 315 patients have tested negative for the virus once and 150 twice.

From May 29 to June 7, the province received 170,068 doses of vaccines, of which, 136,567 doses were given to workers and 33,501 doses to forces on the frontlines of the pandemic fight. Up to now, Bac Giang province has basically injected all the allocated vaccines.

To meet the demand for vaccination for workers, the provincial People's Committee proposed the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control and the Ministry of Health to soon provide 200,000 additional doses of vaccines for the province to continue inoculating the frontline forces and workers.


Lam Dung
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Bac Giang province, no more Covid-19 cases, after June 21, Covid-19 hotspot, Covid-19 pandemic, taking samples of workers
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