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Bac Giang: 431 Covid-19 patients discharged from hospitals

(BGO) – On June 8, Bac Giang province had 61 more Covid-19 patients were released from hospitals, reported the Department of Health. 

Among them, 17 patients were discharged from Field Hospital No.2, 13 from Infectious Field Hospital No.2 (Regiment No.831), 13 from provincial Rehabilitation Hospital, 8 from Medical Center in Luc Nam district, 7 from Field Hospital No.1, 3 from Medical Center in Lang Giang district.

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Covid-19 patients are released from Field Hospital No.2.

Thus, 431 patients in the province have been announced free from novel corona virus. According to the Treatment Board, more than 2,100 out of 3,300 patients contracted to Covid-19 pandemic in the province are simple cases, many of them have no disease symptom.

However, there are 39 severe cases under treatment at Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Bac Giang Lung Hospital and Mental Hospital.

The ICU in Bac Giang Lung Hospital now treats 20 patients, one of whom is free from extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and three can self breath without any assistance.

The most critical case is 61 year old patient N.H.T who was delivered from provincial General Hospital on May 28. After one week with ECMO support and intensive care, the patient was free from ECMO on June 8. Now the case stops relying on continuous dialysis and endotracheal tube.

On June 8, the ICU in Bac Giang Mental Hospital treated 5 critical patients transferred from other treatment in the province. Now, 19 patients are being treated here, 9 of whom must rely on high concentrated oxygen ventilator and 10 others on oxygen breath. The facility has no severely critical case.

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Bac Giang province, 431 Covid-19 patients, discharged from hospitals, Covid-19 pandemic, Department of Health, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ICU
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