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Bac Giang: Another 71 Covid-19 patients given the all-clear

(BGO) – As many as 71 Covid-19 patients in Bac Giang province were given the all-clear on June 10, according to the provincial Department of Health,

Of them, 19 were discharged from the Covid-19 treatment hospital No. 1, 14 from the Hiep Hoa district Medical Center, 12 from the Luc Nam district Medical Center, 11 from the Lang Giang district Medical Center, seven from the Yen Dung district Medical Center, six from the provincial Rehabilitation Hospital, and two from the Bac Giang Lung Hospital.

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Two critically ill Covid-19 patients treated at the Bac Giang Lung Hospital are given the all-clear.

Up to now, the province has had 597 cases given the all-clear, including two critically ill patients who had been treated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) oxygen therapy.

Among the patients being treated at 18 facilities in the province, more than 2,100 have showed mild symptoms. Especially, 292 cases have tested negative for the coronavirus once and 74 twice.

However, there are still 52 seriously ill patients being treated at the Intensive Care Centers (ICUs) of the Bac Giang Lung Hospital and the Bac Giang Psychiatric Hospital.

On June 10, the ICU of the Psychiatric Hospital received three critically ill patients transferred from treatment facilities in the province.

Among those under treatment at the ICUs, the most severe are still two cases with ventilator support and adsorbent dialysis at the ICU of the Bac Giang Lung Hospital. They are patient N.T.T.H, 41, residing in Bac Giang city and patient H.T.H, 37, in Luc Ngan district. Doctors are focusing on treating these two cases, who have showed signs of recovery.

Minh Thu
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Heat-resistant Covid-19 testing chambers put into operation to facilitate frontliners
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(BGO) - By 7:00 pm on June 6, Bac Giang province had reported 3,241 Covid-19 infections; 19,181 F1 cases and 86,575 F2 cases. Two Covid-19 outbreaks in the Van Trung Industrial Park and the Quang Chau Industrial Park still saw more positive cases.
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Bac Giang province, 71 Covid-19 patients, given the all-clear, Covid-19 pandemic, Department of Health, Covid-19 treatment hospital
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