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Bac Giang pays attention to solving housing problems for workers

(BGO) - Bac Giang is a locality with many large industrial zones and clusters attracting hundreds of thousands of workers. After working hours, they mainly stay in boarding houses scattered in residential areas with many of which failing to ensure living conditions as well as the prevention and control of Covid-19. In face of great demand for housing for workers at present and in the coming years, the province is focusing on taking many solutions to help workers settle down.

The density of workers is too high

In 2020, Bac Giang ranked 6th in the country in terms of attracting foreign-invested projects. Therefore, the number of workers working in enterprises in local industrial parks has continuously increased, resulting in the development of boarding houses for rent.

Bac Giang province, pays attention, solving housing problems, local worker, large industrial zones, Covid-19 prevention and control

Fuhong Precision Component Co., Ltd. arranges temporary accommodation for workers to take samples for testing.

According to incomplete data, there are more than 9,000 boarding rooms in Quang Chau commune and about 20,000 rooms in Nenh township. The boarding rooms are only concentrated in a number of villages adjacent to the industrial zones, so the density of workers before the pandemic was dense.

Secretary of the Viet Yen district Party Committee Nguyen Van Dung informed that the average population density in Viet Yen is three times higher than the provincial average. In Nenh township, the figure is 6 times higher. Especially in My Dien and Nui Hieu, the density is 60-70 times higher than the average of the province.

The fact that workers live densely in boarding houses around the industrial parks shows that the arrangement of housing for workers still reveals many shortcomings and has not been given due attention. Nguyen Van Quy, deputy head of the provincial Industrial Parks Management Board, said that up to now, only Hong Hai Science and Technology Group has built spacious, multi-storey dormitories for workers. Those of the remaining enterprises in the industrial parks all live in residential areas with households in adjacent villages and communes such as Nui Hieu of Quang Chau commune; My Dien 1 and My Dien 2 of Nenh township (Viet Yen)…

It is ominous that the workers living in the same room and the same dormitory work for many different enterprises. Therefore, the management and prevention and control of Covid-19 when the epidemic broke out in May faced many difficulties.

Bac Giang province, pays attention, solving housing problems, local worker, large industrial zones, Covid-19 prevention and control

Narrow boarding houses in Nenh township, Viet Yen district.

From the outbreak in one enterprise in Van Trung Industrial Park and Quang Chau Industrial Park, it quickly spread to other enterprises. Boarding houses became large outbreaks, with rapid spreading rate. The zoning off affected areas to stamp out the pandemic faced many difficulties, making Bac Giang, especially Viet Yen district, the Covid-19 epicenter of the whole country.

Designing a new boarding house model

As workers are not safe while living in boarding houses, some businesses cannot resume production immediately after the outbreak, so the province has offered many solutions. One of the conditions for enterprises to return to production is to organize "4 together" for workers (eat together, stay together, work together and go to work together).

According to the provincial IPs Management Board, the province has launched flexible plans. If concentrated accommodation for workers cannot be arranged within the enterprise, it can be organized outside. From now until the end of August, the province will prioritize arranging concentrated accommodation for workers at local hotels, motels and schools.

Viet Yen district, which has a large number of boarding houses and rooms, must firstly clear pathogens in Nui Hieu area, Quang Chau commune and make safe boarding houses and dormitories for businesses in the industrial parks.

Bac Giang province, pays attention, solving housing problems, local worker, large industrial zones, Covid-19 prevention and control

Cleaning boarding houses in Nui Hieu village, Quang Chau commune (Viet Yen).

The district has directed reviewing and spraying chemicals at boarding houses in the area; worked with stakeholders; established the Nui Hieu safe boarding houses association; promoted communications to help house owners to understand the meaning and long-term benefits of renting boarding houses to businesses, thus soon bringing workers back to work. Up to now, the whole district has more than 6,000 safe boarding rooms which can accommodate 12,000 people.

Grasping the above problems, Phan The Tuan, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, stressed that arranging accommodation for workers in the enterprises and introducing a number of housing projects for enterprises to rent for workers to live in are only immediate solutions. In order to support businesses, the province has established a team to appraise and license eligible boarding houses and lodging facilities to ensure safety in Covid-19 prevention and control.

The provincial Department of Construction has introduced Rongxin Electronics Co., Ltd., based in Van Trung Industrial Park to sign a contract with the owner of Than Hong Phuong boarding house in Nui Hieu village to rent 28 rooms of a four-storey house with closed toilets for 56 workers. At the same time, it also reviewed and appraised more than 9,600 boarding rooms to ensure supplies for 19,200 workers.

Mobilizing resources, encouraging businesses’ engagement

Currently, many major projects have been expanded, and the demand for accommodation for workers is forecast to increase. Many large corporations have been surveying to land investments in Bac Giang, with the first thing of concern being human resources. In the coming years, industry will continue to be identified as the main driving force for the province’s socio-economic development, many new industrial zones and clusters will be invested, and the number of workers and the demand for worker housing will continue to increase sharply. It is projected that in the 2021-2025 period, the province will have nine industrial zones and 34 industrial clusters filled, with a total of about 583,000 workers. The number of workers with social housing needs is about 424,000.

Bac Giang province, pays attention, solving housing problems, local worker, large industrial zones, Covid-19 prevention and control

Fujang social housing in Van Trung Industrial Park.

To solve the housing problems soon, on June 9, 2021, the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee issued a Resolution on the development of social housing for workers until 2025, with orientation to 2030.

The goals are to develop social housing for workers in the direction of synchronous technical and social infrastructure; and to step by step improve and raise the living standards of workers.

Bac Giang has so far approved six social housing projects for workers, two of which have been completed. Four projects are in the process of site clearance and construction. Besides, 19 locations for social housing for workers are calling on investment with a total expected area of about 220 hectares. From reality and current conditions, Bac Giang strives to meet the demand of 80 percent of workers with social housing needs by 2025, equivalent to about 339,000 people. The remaining 85,000 workers will continue to stay in boarding houses in residential areas.

Building houses for workers is a highly anticipated solution. When workers have a stable and comfortable place of residence, they will quickly regenerate their energy. Taking care of workers is the responsibility of not only the Party, State, and agencies at all levels but also enterprises. It is also a solution to improve the business and investment environment and increase the competitiveness of the province so that Bac Giang continues to be a destination for "eagles" to nest.


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Bac Giang province, pays attention, solving housing problems, local worker, large industrial zones, Covid-19 prevention and control
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