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Gratitude Fund helps support life of social policy beneficiaries

(BGO) - Promoting the tradition “When drinking the water, think of its source” and sufficiently implementing the Government preferential policies to the national contributors, the authorities at all level in Bac Giang province have communicated and called for organizations, businesses and individuals to donate to the local Gratitude Fund, helping realize many activities to pay tribute and assist the life of social policy beneficiaries in the province. 

Practical tribute activities

According to the statistic of the Division of National Contributor (Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs - DoLISA), the province now manages more than 160,100 national contributor profiles in which nearly 26,500 national contributors and relatives are offered monthly allowances.

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The repairing project of the martyrs’ cemetery in Lien Son commune is speed up to complete before July 27.

Targeting to ensure the living standard for the families of wounded soldiers, martyrs and national contributors the same as or higher than the average life of the local residents, apart from well implementing the policies, all levels, sectors and localities have actively called for donation to the Gratitude Fund.

Thus, each level annually donates nearly 1.5 billion VND (65,206 USD) to the Gratitude Fund which is prioritized to repair the martyrs’ cemetery, present saving books, support to build gratitude the disadvantaged social policy beneficiaries.

To help the national contributors stabilise the life, the Gratitude Fund at all level prioritizes to support the needy case in housing issue. Typically, Nguyen Xuan Quyet (born in 1954) in Cam Trang village, Mai Trung commune (Hiep Hoa district) returned to homeland after demobilizing from army as a sick soldier at grade 2/4 and victim of Agent Orange at 65 percent together with his wounded leg.

Despite how much hard he works, his family still encounters a lot of difficulties, hence they could not repair the severely degraded house. Acknowledging the case, the district and communal authorities mobilized the Gratitude Fund to support his family with 100 million VND (4,370 USD) to build a new house.

Widely spreading models to mobilize sources

On the annual anniversary of Wounded Soldiers’ and Martyrs’ Day July 27, DoLISA consults the provincial People’s Committee to plan and instruct localities to launch peak period for fund raising, review the localities with demand to repair cemetery and needy cases for assistance.

On the occasion of every July, the Division of Education and Training in Yen Dung district launches the campaign to donate for the Gratitude Fund. This year, each official, public servant and labourer in the Division and local schools donated at least one day salary. The donated amount of 200 million VND per year is used to build house and present gifts to the national contributors on special days.

Particularly, on July 27 occasion, the Division instructed the schools to organize extracurricular activities about wounded soldier and martyr to educate the youth about the revolutionary tradition and good life.

Not only the levels, sectors and localities but also enterprises pay tribute to the national contributor and social policy families. Typically, Ha Phong Export Garment Joint Stock Company in Hiep Hoa district spends about 200 million VND every year to donate to the district Gratitude Fund, support to build two or three gratitude houses totally worth about 300 million VND to help the national contributors stabilize the life.

To further mobilize sources and promote the Fund’s effectiveness, Bui Quang Phat, DoLISA Vice Director pressed on the role of communication to help the fund raising activity receive due attention from the authority at all levels and people at all strata as well as widespread the model and creative way in calling for donation.

At the same time, the management and usage of the Fund need to be strictly implemented to ensure the openness and transparency with priority taken to revamp house, supply capital and production varieties to help the national contributors gradually stabilize the life.

Do Quyen
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Gratitude Fund, support life, social policy beneficiaries, Bac Giang province, preferential policies, national contributors, Practical tribute activities
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