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Director eats instant noodle and drives car to fight Covid-19

(BGO) – During tense days against Covid-19 pandemic, many officials and people in Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province) got familiar to the image of a little man on his sleepers  and old T-shirt who was busy with transporting and unloading aided goods and necessities. He is Trinh Dinh Thuc (born in 1986), Director of Trung Thuc Production and Trading Company Limited in Dinh Tram new urban area (Viet Yen district).

When Covid-19 pandemic outbroke in the area, his company suspended the operation. Knowing that many charity groups failed to bring the goods to the epicenter to support locals because they did not have vehicles, he voluntarily used 5 trucks ranging from 2.5 – 10 tonnes of his company to join the transportation team. Also he drove a truck to the pandemic hit localities and unloaded tonnes of commodities and supplies.

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Trinh Dinh Thuc and his truck on the journey to support the Covid-19 fight.

In early May, Thuc and his friends founded ANRM charity group. Since then, they could not remember how many thousands of km the members drove to deliver the charity goods. He paid himself for all rising expenses in such journeys.

Thuc said one day he received a phone call from his friend in Bac Giang city asking hime to buy vegetables for quarantine area in Nenh town at 10 pm. Thanks to the contact point in the charity group, he could quickly make the order. That day, it rained hard in early morning. Thuc was so concerned that he woke up at 4 am, wore his sleepers, picked up sacks then drove truck right to the field where the farmers were cutting the vegetables.

Only for a while, more than 2,000 bunches of fresh vegetables and one tonnes of pumpkins were loaded on the truck, delivered to the quarantine areas and control stations at My Dien No.1 and 2 residential areas for the locals. At the finishing time of nearly 10 am, Thuc had a instant noodle and planned for the next journey.

The disease was well controlled in Viet Yen district. Thuc and ANRM still keep operation and are ready to come to other needy localities in Bac Giang province. Recently, they have linked to deliver nearly 20 tonnes of commodities, mostly vegetables, rice, bottled water and fish sauces to the people in the communes of Thanh Hai, Tru Huu, Kien Lao, Chu town (Luc Ngan district) who are in difficulties due to the disease.

The group continues supporting people in Tan Yen district, Bac Giang city while planning to call for donation of food and necessities for citizens in Ho Chi Minh city.

Since the ongoing outbreak, he and the charity group have called for donation of over 2 billion VND in cash and kind for the quarantine areas. The positive contribution of the young director and his friends was acknowledged by Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee by a Certificate of Merit.

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E-commerce platforms support farmers to consume OCOP products
(BGO) – Now the lychee season ends, some e-commerce platforms such as,, continue supporting the farmers in Bac Giang province to sell various farm prodce. Most of the products are One Commune One Product (OCOP) like Chu rice noodle, Yen Dung fragrant rice, dried lychee, Son Dong wild honey...
Gratitude Fund helps support life of social policy beneficiaries
(BGO) - Promoting the tradition “When drinking the water, think of its source” and sufficiently implementing the Government preferential policies to the national contributors, the authorities at all level in Bac Giang province have communicated and called for organizations, businesses and individuals to donate to the local Gratitude Fund, helping realize many activities to pay tribute and assist the life of social policy beneficiaries in the province. 
PM commits all possible support to Ho Chi Minh City in Covid-19 fight
Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has pledged to give priority to Ho Chi Minh City in terms of financial resources, infrastructure, materials and biological products to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, which is spreading rapidly and complicatedly in the southern hub.
Employees, employers able to access US$1.13 billion support package from July 8
Both employees and employers that are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic can gain access to the Government’s support package worth VND26 trillion (US$1.13 billion) from July 8.
Health Ministry to mobilise nearly 10,000 health workers to support Ho Chi Minh City
The Ministry of Health will mobilise about 10,000 health workers to support Ho Chi Minh City in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, as announced by Minister Nguyen Thanh Long during an urgent meeting on July 7.
Director, eats instant noodle, drives car, fight Covid-19, Bac Giang province, aided goods and necessities, Covid-19 pandemic, Trinh Dinh Thuc
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