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Bac Giang takes many creative ways in treating Covid-19 patients

(BGO) - In May and June 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic developed complicatedly in industrial parks in Bac Giang province with more than 5,700 infections. At the peak, the whole province had to set up 18 facilities for treating Covid-19 patients.

Tu Quoc Hieu, Director of the provincial Department of Health, said that experience in treating infection (F0) cases in Bac Giang province was developing a strategy to actively receive F0 cases and provide them with intensive treatment, helping prevent the patients from getting worse.

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A severe case of Covid-19 was successfully treated at the provincial General Hospital.

During this outbreak, with the support of leading hospitals in the country, the provincial General Hospital has successfully treated thousands of Covid-19 patients.

Level-2 Specialist Nguyen Nhu Pho, Deputy Director of the provincial General Hospital, said: "The unit was responsible for treating Covid-19 patients in three locations: the Department of Infectious Diseases under the provincial General Hospital, the Covid-19 treatment hospital No. 2 and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the provincial Psychiatric Hospital. These places offered treatment to groups of patients with different levels from asymptomatic, mild to severe and dangerous. Many cases being treated under the most common regimen were quickly transferred to the ICU for breathing support, dialysis, and ECMO." 

Therefore, the hospital arranged human resources and applied flexible treatment regimens to ensure the patients’ health. In addition to complying with the treatment regimen of the Ministry of Health, it also used traditional medicine remedies.

The hospital’s Department of Traditional Medicine has supported treatment with two remedies: drinking black bean juice and water imbued with green chiretta (Andrographis paniculata) twice a day. It used diluted salt solution as a daily mouthwash for medical staff and patients to disinfect the nasopharynx, preventing the virus from attacking the lower respiratory tract.

The provincial General Hospital used robots to disinfect the environment, measure the temperature of patients, and transport food and medical supplies. During the outbreaks, the hospital's treatment facilities were kept safe.

Although there was no experience in treating Covid-19 patients, in an urgent situation when the number of infected people increased, the province quickly directed the expansion of facilities for admitting patients. It implemented a "3-layer tower" model to admit and treat patients at different levels: the first layer for asymptomatic patients, the second for mild cases, and the third for patients with severe symptoms.

With the support of the whole country, the health sector arranged two intensive care units (ICUs) at the provincial Lung Hospital and the provincial Psychiatric Hospital accommodating 159 beds with modern specialized equipment. Hospitals and medical centers were responsible for treating cases with mild symptoms. Some facilities were converted into those quarantining and treating asymptomatic patients, keeping their health stable.

Bac Giang province, many creative ways, treating Covid-19 patients, Covid-19 pandemic, treating infection, intensive treatment

Treating a seriously ill Covid-19 case at the ICU at the provincial Psychiatric Hospital.

Major hospitals in the country continuously dispatched personnel, machinery and specialized equipment to support Bac Giang in treating severe cases...

Doctor Than Son Tung, in charge of treatment at the ICU at the provincial Psychiatric Hospital, said that with a proactive strategy, the number of seriously ill patients in Bac Giang province accounted for only 2-3 percent. Fortunately, after a period of intensive care and treatment, most of them, even many cases that had used ECMO for many days, recovered.

Now the epidemic in Bac Giang province has been controlled and repelled. More than 95 percent of patients were discharged from hospitals. The provincial health sector has reduced treatment facilities and restored normal medical examination and treatment activities.


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Bac Giang province, many creative ways, treating Covid-19 patients, Covid-19 pandemic, treating infection, intensive treatment
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