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Bac Giang strictly controls over Hanoi returners to prevent Covid-19 pandemic

(BGO) – Amid the disease complicated development in Hanoi city, the Steering Board for Covid-19 prevention and control in Hiep Hoa and Viet Yen district in Bac Giang province implemented several measures to prevent outside source of infection to the localities.

Hiep Hoa district People’s Committee set up 2 Covid-19 control stations at 6 am on July 20 at Dong Xuyen bridge area in Mai Dinh commune and Vat bridge in Hop Thinh commune.

Bac Giang province, strictly controls, Hanoi returners, prevent Covid-19 pandemic, outside source of infection

Competent forces check the papers of vehicles' owners at Covid-19 control station in Vat bridge, Hop Thinh commune (Hiep Hoa district).

The district Public Security force was urged to mobilize staff to set up barricades at several bordering routes to absolutely prevent any case without clear epidemiological factors to enter the area.

The district Medical Center assigned health worker to conduct rapid test (charged) for people at two above stations to handle expectation of each specific case.

Hiep Hoa district also instructed the bordering communes to establish control stations and suspended the operation of river port to Hanoi city; propagandised and persuaded relatives in Hanoi city and pandemic hit areas not to visit local area to restrict the risk of infection.

Bac Giang province, strictly controls, Hanoi returners, prevent Covid-19 pandemic, outside source of infection

The community Covid-19 team in Nenh town (Viet Yen district)reviews the returners from disease hit areas

The businesses inside and outside local industrial parks and clusters were ordered to have all labourers, workers, managers, experts tested against Covid-19 by RT-PCR once per week.

In Viet Yen district, Chairman of the district People’s Committee requested all organizations, agencies, localities to widely inform the locals about the disease situation in Hanoi city while proposing the provincial Industrial Park Management Board to order foreign experts and labourers residing in Hanoi city and disease affected localities to stay at the companies, stop daily travel to avoid the risk of infection from outside to the district.

Mai Toan - Hoài Thu

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Bac Giang province, strictly controls, Hanoi returners, prevent Covid-19 pandemic, outside source of infection
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