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Boarding House Association – new model

(BGO) – The Business Association of “safe boarding house” newly established in Viet Yen district seems to be a new model not only in Bac Giang province but also in the country.

According to an insufficient report of Viet Yen and Yen Dung district, there were over 5,000 households providing boarding house renting service with about 60,000 rooms in the communes and towns adjacent to the industrial parks. Before the fourth Covid-19 outbreak, around 70,000 labourers stayed here.

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Due to the spontaneous establishment, many boarding houses are low quality and fail to ensure safety in fire and explosion prevention, environmental sanitation with several arising issues on social order...

The limitations and shortcomings of boarding house business clearly revealed at the fourth outbreak of Covid-19 in the industrial parks then community of the workers’ boarding house, making Viet Yen district and 3 communes of Yen Dung district become hottest epicenter in Bac Giang province.

Amid the demand for “disease prevention and control for production; production for disease prevention and control”, it is crucial to raise the issue of “Safe boarding house – safe worker – safe business”. One of the solutions is to ensure each boarding house is rented by workers at the same company.

In addition to collaborate with competent sectors to rapidly review and arrange safe boarding house to support businesses to timely recover the production, Viet Yen district set up Business Association of “Safe Boarding House” in communes and towns near industrial parks as the basic and long term measures.

The “Boarding House Association” will act as the bridge among the boarding house owners and enterprises to connect the supply – demand to avoid the spotty situation. Thanks to the association, the boarding house owners are trained with management and business skills while sharing experience to enhance the boarding house quality and link to increase the service toward higher business effectiveness.

The Association grasps actual situation to collaborate with the competent forces to remove the obstacles and shortcomings to timely handle any arising problems on security order, fire and explosion prevention, environmental sanitation...

With such benefits, the new model of Boarding House Association needs due attention and assistance from authorities and competent sectors to operate effectively and contribute to local socio-economic growth.

Tran Anh
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Boarding House Association, new model, Bac Giang province, safe boarding house, safe worker, safe business, Covid-19 pandemic
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