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87-year-old woman with mentally ill son needs help

(BGO) – Hoang Thi Canh in Lien Bo village, Lien Chung commune (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province) is now 87 years old but cannot rest and enjoy her old age, since she has to raise her mentally ill son. They needs help to rebuild their seriously degrading house.

Pham Van Chinh, Secretary of the Party cell of Lien Bo village said: "Canh's life is hard! She gave birth to two sons, one of them has left home for decades. The other son Trinh Van Luc, born in 1974, suffers from mental illness. Many times he messed up and walked around. 

87-year-old woman, Bac Giang province, mentally ill son, needs help, Hoang Thi Canh, seriously degrading house, difficult conditions

The degrading house of Canh and her son.

Sometimes at midnight, village and commune officials had to go to the police station to pick him up because he was lost. Canh also has two daughters, but one died and the other got married far away, with difficult conditions.

Her husband died at his early age, Canh is the support for the mentally ill son. Her family is rated as a poor household. Sharing the plight of the old woman, the neighbours, authorities and mass organizations in the village and the commune often provide her with material and spiritual support. 

The locality has repeatedly put her family on the list of households in need of money to rebuild the house. However, Canh has no reciprocal capital, so she is yet to receive support. The house where the old woman and her son are living is severely degrading.

Obtaining that information, Giap Thi Hien, Chairwoman of the Red Cross Society of Tan Yen district, has called for help for Canh. Many organizations and individuals inside and outside the district have donated money and construction materials. The Fatherland Front committees and mass organizations of the village and the commune have also launched programmes to raise money and encourage people and members to contribute workdays when Canh rebuilds her house...

It is expected that this August, the district Red Cross Society will coordinate with the locality to start building a new house for Canh. However, the cost is estimated at about 200 million VND (8,700 USD), while the raised money and materials are currently not enough.

Canh and her son are in dire need of the community's help and sharing to rebuild their degrading house so that she is no longer worried whenever a storm comes. All support, please send to Ms. Giap Thi Hien, Chairwoman of the Red Cross Society of Tan Yen district, account number 0376 299 007, MB bank, phone number: 0376299007 or Ms. Ninh, staff of Bac Giang Newspaper, phone number: 0915977556.


Thuy Ninh
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87-year-old woman, Bac Giang province, mentally ill son, needs help, Hoang Thi Canh, seriously degrading house, difficult conditions
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