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Bac Giang’s military doctors ready to leave for the South

(BGO) - The Covid-19 epidemic broke out and is developing complicatedly in the southern provinces. In order to support Binh Duong province in the pandemic fight, a delegation of 45 military doctors and nuses of Army Corps 2 has volunteered to go on mission.

Having just participated in the management of nearly 2,000 workers quarantined at Division 325, doctor Phuong promptly left for Binh Duong province together with his colleagues to support the fight against the pandemic. The delegation is divided into 15 teams (3 people each) operating in all cities, towns and districts in Binh Duong province.

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Leaders of the Ministry of National Defence encourage the medical staff of Army Corps 2 who are supporting Binh Duong province in Covid-19 prevention and control.

Lieutenant Colonel - Doctor Pham Tran Phuong from Division 325, and Major Pham Quang Nam and Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Long - medical staff from Brigade 203, have been assigned to be in charge of a treatment area for 350 mild and asymptomatic F0 cases in Thanh Tuyen commune, Dau Tieng district.

The treatment area is divided into separate places. The use of traditional paper medical records and face-to-face consultations are not appropriate. Therefore, doctors organize examinations through Zalo groups of wards and areas. Patients continuously update their health status and symptoms in these groups. If they need examination and medicine, the doctors and nurses promptly intervene, support and guide them how to breath, regularly drink water and disinfect hands.

Bac Giang province, military doctors, leave for the South, Covid-19 pandemic, go on mission, treatment area, Covid-19  patients, Army Corps 2

Army Corps 2 doctors and nurses show their determination when supporting the fight against the pandemic in Binh Duong province.

Thanks to the efforts of military doctors, most of the patients have got better, with their symptoms easing and clinical manifestations closely monitored. Patients with severe symptoms were transferred by the teams to the treatment areas for severe patients and other field hospitals. As a result, each treatment facility managed by military medical doctors from Bac Giang had hundreds of patients eligible to be discharged for home monitoring.

Unforgettable battle

Lieutenant Colonel Luong Tat Thanh, a nurse from Battalion 24 of Division 325 is a member of Team 1, which engages in providing first aid, medical examination and treatment at home for people in Binh Hoa and Tan An wards (Thu Dau Mot city).

Recalling the first week, at 5 am, the doctors of Team 1 just woke up after a long night on duty. Through switchboard 1022, doctor Thanh received a phone call from a family member of a 70-year-old man named N saying that the patient had difficulty breathing. Immediately, doctor Thanh and his teammates wore protective suits, carried a medical bag and oxygen tank, and rode a motorbike to the patient's house.

Because N had diabetes, high blood pressure and some underlying medical conditions, the course of the disease became more unpredictable, so the team quickly intervened for him to breathe with the oxygen tank, and gave him specific medicine. Thanks to their timely intervention, his health gradually stabilized, and his first Covid-19 test result was negative.

Bac Giang province, military doctors, leave for the South, Covid-19 pandemic, go on mission, treatment area, Covid-19  patients, Army Corps 2

Army Corps 2 doctors and nurses take care of patients at the treatment area for asymptomatic patients in Thu Dau Mot city.

Participating in the fight against the epidemic, the Bac Giang military doctors also witnessed many sad stories. Doctor Pham Van Phong from Brigade 164, sadly said: "L and her two children contracted Covid-19. The mother became seriously ill and was transferred to a higher level hospital but two days later passed away. The children cried and begged the doctors to let them see their mother's face last time, but we couldn't."

Binh Duong province is in the rainy season, the appearance of dengue fever makes residents confused with the Covid-19 epidemic. On peak days, doctors received hundreds of calls from locals asking for advice, examination and treatment. The intensity of work doubled, so they had to work continuously and had their lunch in the afternoon. Many nights they had to leave their beds although they did not sleep any.

Nguyen Xuan Ly, who is in charge of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control programme in Binh Hoa ward, said that the military doctors from Bac Giang province have effectively supported the locality. Currently, the ward has about 4,000 infection cases. Despite hardships, with their enthusiasm and professional qualifications, the military medical teams are always ready to contribute to the control and prevention of the epidemic in the province.


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Bac Giang province, military doctors, leave for the South, Covid-19 pandemic, go on mission, treatment area, Covid-19 patients, Army Corps 2
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