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About 422,800 labours, business households and enterprises affected by Covid-19 pandemic receive aid

(BGO) – The statistic from the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA) in Bac Giang province showed that the province decided to support nearly 422,800 labours, business households and enterprises as of September 13 with total approved amount of about 506 billion VND (22.2 million USD).

The localities completed payment for more than 366,800 people, business households and companies with total amount of over 375.6 billion VND, representing 74 percent of the approved amount. Now, Bac Giang city, Hiep Hoa and Luc Ngan districts complete the payment for all approved cases.

422,800 labours, business households, local enterprises, affected by Covid-19 pandemic, receive aid, Bac Giang province, total approved amount

Persons with close contact to Covid-19 patients get financial support in Le Loi ward (Bac Giang city).

Mean while, Viet Yen district has lowest payment rate for the beneficiaries of 11 percent of total approved profiles. It is because the district has the most number of eligible subjects for financial aid, accounting for over 80 percent of the beneficial labours in the province with total needed expense of over 135.8 billion VND. recently, the locality must invest much expense on disease prevention so it is difficult to arrange the payment.

In the upcoming time, the departments, sectors and localities should accelerate to make profile, sum up, draw the balance sheet for the policies to support employees and employers affected by Covid-19 pandemic together with all payment documents to send to the Department of Finance for summarize and propose the Ministry of Finance to supplement expense for the province.

DoLISA has cooperated with relevant departments and sectors to remove the obstacles for the districts and city to timely approve for the profiles and pay for the approved cases while further reviewing and handling arising document timely as regulation.

The provincial Industrial Park Management Board should expedite businesses in the industrial parks to complete the profile to support eligible labours in September 2021.

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422,800 labours, business households, local enterprises, affected by Covid-19 pandemic, receive aid, Bac Giang province, total approved amount
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