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Businesses in Bac Giang industrial parks enhances Covid-19 prevention and control

(BGO) – Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee has issued Directive No.14/CT-UBND about Covid-19 prevention and control in the industrial production facilities at the local industrial parks (businesses).

The businesses are only allowed to recruit and use labours residing at green areas instead of red and yellow ones outside the province as well as short term and seasonal workers.

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Newly recruited labours outside the province must show negative RT-PCR test result to SARS-CoV-2 within 48 hours before entering the province. Moreover, the employers have to impose seven day quarantine with twice Covid-19 tests by RT-PCR in every three day.

Only case with negative result is allowed to work at the company. In next 10 days, the above mentioned labour is considered high risk case and tested every three day. The businesses should make detail list to report to the Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB) for further reviewing and monitoring.

When the labours’ residential location changes to red area, they must be prohibited to work at the enterprise. In case, it changes to yellow area, the employers must arrange centralized accommodation place and pick up labours in line with the principle of two locations one route.

The province recommends the managers, experts and technicians to hire hostel to stay in Bac Giang province. If they reside at green area outside the province and wish to return to home every day, the company must make specific list and conduct screening RT-PCR test on every 72 hours. Weekly, the businesses send the list and testing result of these cases to the provincial IPMB for reviewing and monitoring.

It is compulsory to make health declaration for all labours and cases coming to work at the businesses. All people must install Bluezone app with Bluetooth on so that the application can run effectively.

Any guest to businesses must show negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours or certificate of two Covid-19 vaccine shots with the second shot injected at least 14 days ago.

All labours with symptoms of fever, cough, breath difficulty and headache are ordered to declare to the medical center at the business, residential area or division in charge to timely impose disease preventive measure. Covid-19 Safe Team should be established and well operated in companies.

The provincial IPMB forms Zalo group and assigns officials as the contact point to receive and handle information from Covid-19 Safe Team at the businesses while arranging Covid-19 vaccine injection to every labour at the industrial parks.

After the province allocates enough vaccine does for all labours in the industrial parks, if over 5 percent of total employees in a company have not been vaccinated, the business will be forced to suspend operation.

All enterprises must install and update labour data sufficiently on labour managing and tracing software.

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Businesses in Bac Giang, industrial parks, Covid-19 prevention and control, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 vaccine, negative RT-PCR test, Bluezone app
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