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Bac Giang stands side by side with Long An in Covid-19 fight

(BGO) – Many doctors and nurses in Bac Giang province have not flinched from difficulties and dangerousness to accompany their colleagues in Long An to exert every effort to cure Covid-19 patients, speed up tracing procedure, take samples for screening test to detect any infection from community so as to contain the pandemic.

Willing to enter hot spot

Doctor Ngo Thi Huong (born in 1968) is a teacher at Bac Giang Medical College (now merged into Ngo Gia Tu College). Huong has worked in medical sector for nearly 30 years but it was the first time she had been absent from home for months in 2021 summer.

Bac Giang province, stands side by side, Long An province, Covid-19 fight, difficulties and dangerousness, cure Covid-19 patients,  infection from community

The Bac Giang provincial working delegation supports Covid-19 fight in Ben Luc district.

As the oldest member in the delegates to support Long An province, she was assigned as the leader of testing assistance team. She not only instructed the professional issues but also shared and encouraged students at Bac Giang Medical College who participated in the working delegation.

She and other members in Bac Giang delegation joined four training courses themed “Wearing, taking off individual protective clothes and sampling technique” for hundreds of soldiers, teachers and volunteers in Long An province. Apart from taking samples, they also supported to administer vaccine to native people.

Assisting Long An province from July 20 till August 28, after returning to hometown and completing quarantine period, Huong keeps up with her normal task.

Sharing with colleagues from Southern localities

Nurse Pham Thi Diu (born in 1995) works at Bac Giang provincial General Hospital. When the pandemic outbroke in the province in May, she was dispatched to the Field Hospital No.2 (the provincial Sport Competition Hall) in June 2021 and Intensive Care Unit at the provincial Mental Hospital.

She took all efforts together with collegues to overcome the hardest period with much tension and pressure to well full fill the task while the number of patients increased days by days with thin frontline medical force.

When Bac Giang called on establishing working delegations to support Southern localities to contain Covid-19 pandemic, she registered to participate without any hesitation as the tribute to the contribution of the medical forces across the nation to Bac Giang. Thanks to the support and encouragement of his parents in law and husband, Diu comfortably departed to the destination and temporarily stayed away from his three year old son.

To support Long An in the first period, she joined both sampling and inoculation teams. In the first days, the members so concerned about the increasingly new infections detected after testing. But with high spirit, they seriously followed the assignment of higher level, applied preventive procedure and strict protection to ensure the safety and recover the difficulties.

Saying goodbye to Long An province after 40 days, Diu always bears in mind the warm emotion of the local people to the delegation.

Actively assisting to treat patients and conduct test

In the first period, the working delegate to Long An had 80 medical officials and staff, which had the most number of members among the delegations from Bac Giang province to assist Southern provinces.

Bac Giang province, stands side by side, Long An province, Covid-19 fight, difficulties and dangerousness, cure Covid-19 patients,  infection from community

The medical officials in Bac Giang province takes samples of Long An people for Covid-19 test.

At the General Hospital in Hau Nghia area, the delegation supported to establish the biggest intensive care center in Long An province from the first stage as well as build procedures for professional operation and safe management.

The doctors and nurses from Bac Giang helped treat 230 critical ill patients at Long An provincial General Hospital and General Hospital in Hau Nghia area while curing about 400 patients in the Medical centers in the districts of Tan Tru, Moc Hoa, Lung Hospital, Nguyen Thi Bay Field Hospital...

The delegation took over 355,000 samples at Tan An city and the districts of Duc Hoa, Can Giuoc, Can Duoc and Ben Luc. Besides, they supported to administer more than 19,300 Covid-19 vaccine doses to Long An people.

Ending the first period, 66 medical officials and staff completed the tasks and returned to homeland while 14 others voluntarily stayed. On August 31, Bac Giang continued dispatching 27 officials to aid Long An in the second batch, including 10 doctors, 17 nurses and technicians to treat and care for Covid-19 patients.

Vice Chairman of Long An provincial People’s Committee Pham Tan Hoa acknowledged that by the experiences gained from local pandemic prevention and control, the medical delegation from Bac Giang province has significantly contributed to the medical sector in Long An province in both profession and disease preventive measures so as to help the province overcome the difficulties in the hot time.


Thy Lan
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Bac Giang province, stands side by side, Long An province, Covid-19 fight, difficulties and dangerousness, cure Covid-19 patients, infection from community
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