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Bac Giang continues prioritizing Covid-19 vaccination for workers

(BGO) – The Department of Health (DoH) in Bac Giang province started another vaccination period to labours in the local businesses from October 5 – 7.

With 200,000 Vero Cell Covid-19 vaccine doses allocated by the Ministry of Health, the provincial DoH directed the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to cooperate with the medical center in the districts and city to accelerate the vaccination progress to more than 34,600 labours at four industrial parks of Quang Chau, Dinh Tram, Van Trung and Song Khe – Noi Hoang as well as several major enterprises in the area.

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Labour at Viet Pan Pacific Company Limited is vaccinated against Covid-19.

To facilitate workers, the provincial CDC organizes 12 mobile vaccination points.

About 4,500 labours were vaccinated against Covid-19 on October 5 at Viet Pan Pacific Company Limited (Bac Giang city) and Lens Vietnam Co.,Ltd in Quang Chau industrial park.

Besides, the CDC organized vaccination from 6:30 pm to 9 pm on October 5 – 10 to 3,600 workers at Luxshare ICT Co.,Ltd in Van Trung industrial park so as to suit the production requirement of the business which has about 34,000 workers (84 percent received first shot). The labours vaccinated this time are the remaining ones.

To date, the province has administered more than 752,400 vaccine doses to labours at the industrial parks and clusters.

Previously on October 3, the provincial CDC vaccinated Vero Cell Covid-19 vaccine to 757 drivers at local transportation firms.

Minh Thu
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Bac Giang province, prioritizing workers, Covid-19 vaccination, Covid-19 pandemic, Department of Health, vaccination period
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