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Two useful initiatives from students

(BGO) - In the face of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, some young people in Bac Giang province have researched and created products and means to serve pandemic prevention and control. These initiatives promptly fix the shortcomings and limitations in reality so they have high applicability.

Ideas born from reality

The "automatic hand washing and temperature measurement device for Covid-19 prevention and control" by 9th grader Nguyen Hong Hai and 8th grader Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong of the Hop Duc Secondary School (Tan Yen district) shows many excellent features in epidemic prevention.

Two useful initiatives,  Bac Giang students, Bac Giang province, complicated Covid-19 epidemic, prevention and control, high applicability

The group of authors and the “Automatic hand washing and temperature measurement device for Covid-19 prevention and control”.

First, the two students came up with the design and arranged the location of the hand washing device with antiseptic solution, temperature gauges and drying equipment in a reasonable manner. After searching for on the Internet and consulting teachers, the pair ordered components and assembled separate devices based on tutorial videos on Youtube.

After dozens of days of diligently researching, assembling, and doing it over and over again, they succeeded. The product works using 12V current. When bringing the hand to the sensor part of the device, the sensor will feel and activate the controller to command the pump to operate and pump solution (or water). At the same time, when a person takes his forehead close to the temperature sensor, the measured temperature will be displayed on the screen.

The device will announce through the speaker that "Your temperature is normal" if the temperature is below 37 degrees Celsius or "You have a fever" when the measured body temperature is higher than the set temperature (above 37 degrees Celsius). After washing your hands and taking your temperature, you can move to the side to perform automatic hand drying.

Also with the desire to create useful products for epidemic prevention and control, and to fix the limitations of available products on the market, two students Nguyen Van Thang and Nguyen Quang Vinh, 9th grade, at the Hoang Van Secondary School (Hiep Hoa district) successfully researched the “Automatic epidemic control system”.

The system is formed by a vertical box made from an iron frame and alumina plates with equipment such as disinfectant mist sprayer, control circuit with arduino uno board, motor control module and temperature sensor, among others...

When someone enters the epidemic control area, the ultrasonic module mounted on the top of the device detects and sends a signal to the arduino uno motherboard. Then the arduino controls the pump to pump disinfection solution; send a signal to make the module say "Please scan QR code for medical declaration"; lowers the temperature gauge to the forehead of the person in the gate and say "Please take the forehead closer to measure the temperature".

If the measured temperature is normal (below 37 degrees Celsius), the barrier control system opens and sends an audio message inviting the person to go through the gate. If the temperature is higher than 37 degrees Celsius, the controller will not open the barrier for this person to pass through the gate with an audio message saying "You have a fever, please enter the isolation area, the medical staff will help you".

Products with many automatic features

Two useful initiatives,  Bac Giang students, Bac Giang province, complicated Covid-19 epidemic, prevention and control, high applicability

The group of authors and the “Automatic epidemic control system”.

Compared with products available on the market, the two above products have many advantages and new features suitable for the current anti-pandemic fight as well as for use in public places, schools, and offices. They boast high automation and are safe for users and the environment, with low cost (4-5 million VND or 176-220 USD). They are easy to install and use, and have high durability.

Before sending their products to the competitions, the groups of authors were facilitated to install and test them at their schools. The products were used and evaluated by teachers and students for their utility and effectiveness.

Recently, the automatic hand washing and temperature measurement device won the second prize, while the automatic epidemic control system won the third prize at the provincial Youth and Children's Innovation Contest. Currently, the groups of young authors continue to research, improve and integrate other features to make their product more complete and useful.

Vi Le Thanh
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Two useful initiatives, Bac Giang students, Bac Giang province, complicated Covid-19 epidemic, prevention and control, high applicability
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