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Nurse Pham Thi Nga volunteers to enter many epicenters

(BGO) - Dedicated to serving patients and taking their smiles as her own happiness, nurse Pham Thi Nga (born in 1990), who works at the Surgery - Emergency Department of the Bac Giang provincial Rehabilitation Hospital, volunteered to enter many epidemic centers, wholeheartedly taking care of Covid-19 patients.

Silent sacrifice

In mid-May 2021, the pandemic broke out fiercely in many industrial parks of Bac Giang province. At that time, the provincial Rehabilitation Hospital quickly became a facility providing care and treatment for Covid-19 patients. In an emergency situation, with deep expertise in the field of resuscitation, nurse Pham Thi Nga and many medical staff volunteered to work in the quarantine and treatment area.

Nurse Pham Thi Nga, volunteers, enter many epicenters, Covid-19 pandemic, Silent sacrifice, Bac Giang province, Rehabilitation Hospital, medical staff

Nurse Pham Thi Nga takes samples for people in Sa Dec city.

She moved like a shuttle between the wards, giving instructions on drug use and supporting patients in eating, cleaning, and bathing. Patients here mainly had mild symptoms but were always crowded with about 600-700 cases. Although she was not yet a mother, in the treatment area, she took care of 12 children infected with Covid-19, including those who were only a few months old.

In addition to caring for, sharing with patients, and stabilizing their psychology for treatment cooperation, late on the days, Nga and her colleagues cut and washed the patients' hair.

During 43 days in the treatment area, she had only 5-6 hours off every day, but sometimes when she had just completed her shift, she rushed back to the ward to help her colleagues when there was an emergency situation.

In August 2021, Nga was one of two medical staff of Bac Giang province honored to be awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister.

The epidemic situation in Bac Giang gradually eased, but it broke out fiercely in the southern provinces and cities. Just going out of the treatment area of the provincial Rehabilitation Hospital, without a day of relaxation, the next day, Nga volunteered to join the delegation of "white shirt" soldiers of Bac Giang province to go to Dong Thap province to support the fight against the pandemic.

Getting in dangerous areas

Leaving the airport on a bus to Dong Thap, on the night she was assigned to work in the sampling team in Cao Lanh and Sa Dec cities. For convenience, she shared her experience in taking samples for testing when working with medical staff of the Center for Disease Control of Dong Thap province and the medical centers of Cao Lanh and Sa Dec cities, and Lap Vo district.

In addition, she and the members of the volunteer delegation supported a field hospital at the provincial Military School (Sa Dec city), the Rehabilitation Hospital (Cao Lanh city), and the treatment area in the dormitory of the Community College (Cao Lanh city).

Nurse Pham Thi Nga, volunteers, enter many epicenters, Covid-19 pandemic, Silent sacrifice, Bac Giang province, Rehabilitation Hospital, medical staff

Nurse Pham Thi Nga.

On the sunny days in Dong Thap, the restless feet of Nga and her colleagues went to every corner to take samples for community screening. She and the members of the volunteer team always wished that life would return to normal in pandemic-hit areas that they have passed through.

The joy came when Dong Thap province gradually controlled the epidemic, in mid-August 2021, all of them were healthy and safe to return to Bac Giang.

After 14 days of concentrated quarantine at Bac Giang Hotel, the first day she returned to the provincial Rehabilitation Hospital to work, Nga received information that the Department of Health was urgently calling on a large number of medical staff (806 people) to leave for supporting Hanoi city. Without a moment's hesitation, she once again rushed into the center of the epidemic.

When asked why she went to every epicenter, Nga shared: "At the provincial Rehabilitation Hospital, most doctors and nurses are young with small children. Usually, each person will volunteer to enter the "hotspot" once, but I am single and not worried about family affairs much so I wish to share a little with my colleagues”.

Since May, she has only returned home once after long days going through the epidemic "core areas" in Bac Giang, Dong Thap, and Hanoi. Despite being worried, her parents have always encouraged Nga to try to protect herself and use medical ethics to serve the people.


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Nurse Pham Thi Nga, volunteers, enter many epicenters, Covid-19 pandemic, Silent sacrifice, Bac Giang province, Rehabilitation Hospital, medical staff
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