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Bac Giang urged to quickly contain Covid-19 pandemic

(BGO)- Duong Van Thai, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Head of the provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control of Bac Giang province (Steering Committee) on November 3 chaired a meeting on guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic fight.

The province has seen complicated developments of the pandemic since October 26 with rapid spreading posing risk of widespread outbreaks. Facing this circumstance, the province continues paying high concentration with quick measures on preventing and containing the pandemic in the locality, striving to maintain the achievements in the pandemic fight, which have been gained from hard efforts so far.

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All people entering Hiep Hoa district must show negative Covid-19 test result.

It is aimed to protect people’s health and safety as an utmost priority while determining to keep safety in the industrial parks to maintain the production and supply chains of goods.

The province pays high attention to closely control the infection sources from outside while strictly managing inside the locality. Besides, it is necessary to prepare good conditions for “4-on-site”. The “5K, vaccine, technology and people’s awareness” principle is defined as the key, regular, long-term and effective task

Regarding the arising pandemic outbreaks, it is urged to make plans for quick testing, tracing, quarantine and treatment to contain the pandemic in 7 to 10 days since detecting the infections.

The provincial Party Committee Secretary required to promote roles and responsibilities of the leaders, party committee and government at all levels especially communal and grassroots levels. It is urged to review, reinforce and enhance performance quality of the community Covid-19 groups, closely grasp the locality situation and timely detect cases at risk of infection to inform the competent agencies.

It is urged to foster propaganda to enhance people’s awareness and obedience of the preventive measures in which focusing on propagandizing at-risk areas, localities and objectives in the province and other localities.

Besides, it is necessary to continue implementing screening tests in the industrial parks and residential places while reducing testing costs to support the enterprises to overcome difficulties.

The provincial Department of Health needs to take more initiative in giving advice in the pandemic fight, issue correspondences to warn the hospitals, medical facilities and employees of medical sector to strictly implement preventive measures against the pandemic and recommend sanctions against violations.

Bac Giang DOFA establishes 24/24- hour supporting team for foreigners relating to Covid-19 pandemic
(BGO)- The provincial Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) has issued the Decision No 72/QD-SNgV on establishment of a Supporting Team, which is available 24/24 hours to receive information from foreigners about Covid-19 pandemic in Bac Giang province.
Bac Giang continues prioritizing Covid-19 vaccination for workers
(BGO) – The Department of Health (DoH) in Bac Giang province started another vaccination period to labours in the local businesses from October 5 – 7.
Bac Giang donates six tonnes of necessities and supplies to Covid-19 fight in Ha Nam
(BGO) – Implementing “one million welfare bags”programme to fight against Covid-19, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Youth Federation in Bac Giang province on October 3 joined hands with relevant agencies to hand over six tonnes of necessities and medical supplies to support Ha Nam province to combat the pandemic.
Bac Giang’s working delegation finishes assistance task to combat Covid-19 in Ha Nam
(BGO) – The 137 member medical delegation in Bac Giang province on September 29 returned to hometown after fulfilling the task to support Ha Nam province to combat Covid-19 pandemic, shared Nguyen Van Binh, Vice Director of the provincial Department of Health and Head of the delegation.
Bac Giang stands side by side with Long An in Covid-19 fight
(BGO) – Many doctors and nurses in Bac Giang province have not flinched from difficulties and dangerousness to accompany their colleagues in Long An to exert every effort to cure Covid-19 patients, speed up tracing procedure, take samples for screening test to detect any infection from community so as to contain the pandemic.


Bac Giang province, quickly contain, Covid-19 pandemic, Covid-19 Prevention and Control, health and safety
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