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Provincial leaders inspect disease preventive task

(BGO) – On November 4, Vice Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Le O Pich worked with local authority in Lang Giang district about Covid-19 prevention and control.

Since October 26, the district has detected 20 local infections. Notably, on November 4, ten infected cases were related to the complicated disease cluster at Pho coffe in Mia village, An Ha commune. Many patients reside at wide area with dense travel history and contacted to numerous people, leading to quick infection and difficulties for tracing task.

Provincial leaders, disease preventive task, Covid-19 prevention, Bac Giang province, community transmission

PPC Vice Chairman Le O Pich inspects disease preventive measures at LGG Garment Company in Nghia Hoa industrial cluster (Lang Giang district).

Concluding the event, PPC Vice Chairman Le O Pich urged Lang Giang district to apply timely and serious response measures as well as avoid alarming the community. Local authority must urgently and drastically trace the cases, test, zone off and prepare programme to take samples for test at pandemic hit communes.

The working groups must be immediately set up at four communes at high risks of An Ha, Huong Lac, Dao My and Tan Thanh while the district was ordered to promptly build scenarios to respond to disease infection into community, especially at the companies and factories with many workers.

The provincial leader pressed that Lang Giang must break the infection cluster to avoid community transmission by all means withing seven days since November 4.

Also on November 4, PPC Vice Chairman Phan The Tuan inspected the disease preventive task at Quang Chau industrial park (Viet Yen district).

Visiting several enterprises, the PPC Vice Chairman highly spoke of their efforts and activeness in disease prevention and control. Apart from regular disinfection, many companies have actively grasped the labour situation, strictly conducted test for newly employed workers, apply “three on the spot” programme and spare condition to respond to complicated development of Covid-19.

Provincial leaders, disease preventive task, Covid-19 prevention, Bac Giang province, community transmission

PPC Vice Chairman Phan The Tuan inspects disease prevention and control at some businesses in Quang Chau industrial park.

He specially noted that the production is continued in truly safe condition. The businesses should pay further attention to disease preventive measures, cooperate with local authorities and government managing agencies to firmly know the situation, strictly control over the travelling and boarding of workers.

Viet Yen district People’s Committee was ordered to supply the list of workers and quarantine sites so that the enterprises can actively build effective picking-up programme.

At the same day, PPC Vice Chairman Phan The Tuan paid field trip to inspect Covid-19 fight at centralized quarantine areas in the province.

At the destinations, he requested the management board to actively review and classify high risk cases to arrange in a specific area to avoid the cross infection while regularly taking samples for test as regulation, spraying disinfectant and ensure environmental sanitation.

The provincial leader ordered Viet Yen district to promptly access and analyze the circumstance and epidemic factor of quarantined workers to have suitable routing method so as to ensure safe condition.

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Provincial leaders, disease preventive task, Covid-19 prevention, Bac Giang province, community transmission
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