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Boy with brittle bone disease desires for dedication

(BGO) - Having suffered from vitreous bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) since childhood, with the body looking like that of a 5-year-old child and moving by wheelchair, Than Ngoc Manh (born in 1991) in Duc Lien village, Hong Thai commune, Viet Yen district (Bac Giang province) is always full of energy and actively contributes to the community.

Glass is not fragile

Since he was born, all activities of Manh have been supported by his parents. In his childhood years, the bed seemed to be his only friend. As the family circumstance was difficult, his parents were even sadder when his younger brother, born in 2000, also had this terrible disease.

Boy with brittle bone disease, desires for dedication, Bac Giang province, moving by wheelchair, Than Ngoc Manh, energy and actively, positive lifestyle

Than Ngoc Manh.

Due to poor health and difficult conditions, Manh could not go to school. About 6 years ago, a benefactor gave him a smartphone and it became his friend every day. During this time, he learned to read and write fluently by himself. Now he can read and write fluently on the phone.

In 2014, his family bought an electric wheelchair for Manh. As long as his mother put him on the wheelchair and fastened his seat belt, he could control the vehicle on his own around the village.

Through the Internet, Manh has participated in many social forums, including the groups "Duc Lien - my hometown" and "Duc Lien information and culture". The information about and photos of the village posted by him have been watched by a lot of people, thereby connecting the hearts of many expatriates. For example, during the Covid-19 outbreak in Viet Yen in May 2021, Manh mobilized about 20 million VND (881 USD) to buy supplies and necessities for villagers.

Keeping village security

Boy with brittle bone disease, desires for dedication, Bac Giang province, moving by wheelchair, Than Ngoc Manh, energy and actively, positive lifestyle

Than Ngoc Manh and other members of the self-managed team patrol to ensure security and order in the village.

Duc Lien village is located adjacent to many villages of Tan My commune (Bac Giang city) and Tang Tien commune, Nenh township (Viet Yen), facilitating people's travel but also posing potential security and order risks. In the face of this situation, Manh talked with Than Quang Cuong (born in 1977) in the same village about the idea of establishing a self-managed security and order model and mobilizing everyone to participate in.

On July 26, 2021, the People's Committee of Hong Thai commune issued a decision to establish a self-managed team named "The bells of security" in Duc Lien village. The team now has 43 members, working in three shifts to maintain daily patrols and night duty.

In early August 2021, the Chairperson of the Viet Yen district People's Committee presented a Certificate of Merit to the self-managed team for its outstanding achievements in the "All people protect national security" movement.

Recently, through cameras, Manh promptly informed team members about a young man with suspicious acts entering the locality at midnight. Via inspection in the vicinity, the members discovered specialized tools for catching dogs and handed over them to the communal police.

Although all of his activities still rely on the help of relatives, Manh is very active in ensuring local security and order. Because according to him, this is both a job and a mental medicine that makes him feel happier and healthier. Besides, Manh also collaborated with people to raise funds for entertainment projects for children and building charity houses.

Spreading a positive lifestyle

Though his body is not like that of a normal person and the bones are easy to break, Manh tries to move so that the muscles are not stiff, making the limbs more flexible and helping him get less sick.

While pushing a wheelchair to help Manh go upstairs to the village cultural house, Than Mau Nguyen, a member of the self-managed team, shared that: "Manh, although he is young and suffers many disadvantages in health, is very responsible. Everyone loves him."

Accompanying Than Ngoc Manh's journey of overcoming difficulties are the quiet footprints and warm hearts of his parents. Though her son is more than 30 years old, the mother always stands side by side to help him realize his positive thoughts and beautiful ideals. And above all, Manh's inspirational journey proves that anyone, healthy or disabled, can make life more meaningful, if he/she has enough faith in life.

Khoi Nguyen
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Boy with brittle bone disease, desires for dedication, Bac Giang province, moving by wheelchair, Than Ngoc Manh, energy and actively, positive lifestyle
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