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Bac Giang tightens residential management to fight Covid-19 pandemic

(BGO)- Bac Giang has seen complicated developments of Covid-19 pandemic with different infection chains including the infection sources from those returning or coming from virus-hit areas who do not implement timely medical and residential declaration or intentionally violate. Tightening residential management is one the important measures contributing to effective prevention and control against the pandemic.

Reinforcing supervision of temporary residents

Recently, some workers from other localities to Bac Giang province have not made residential declaration or informed local functional forces. These cases were only detected when conducting investigation and contact tracing of Covid-19 patients.

Bac Giang province, tightens residential management, fight Covid-19 pandemic, complicated developments, infection chains,  functional forces

Public security officers of Noi Hoang commune, Yen Dung district inspect workers’ temporary residence registration in the locality.

Facing this situation, in implementing direction of the provincial Public Security Department, the public security of the communes and towns have arranged 100 percent of their forces to closely seize every locality and collaborate with the villages and residential groups to investigate residents of each household and accommodation facility. Besides, they reinforce management of residential groups and make a list of people directly and closely contacting with Covid-19 patients.

The officers and soldiers have classified and screened the cases and reported the local steering committee for the pandemic prevention and control to impose suitable quarantine measure.

“Performing the role as the standing of the Steering Committee for the pandemic prevention and control of the commune, the communal public security force has collaborated with related forces to propagandize and guide local people to implement preventive measures against the epidemic.

Apart from 11,800 citizens in 8 villages, we manage residence of over 12,000 workers in 608 lodging houses in the locality who go to work in the enterprises in Bac Giang and Bac Ninh province”, said Colonel Chu Ba Thuan, Head of the communal Public Security of Quang Chau commune, Viet Yen district.

Bac Giang province, tightens residential management, fight Covid-19 pandemic, complicated developments, infection chains,  functional forces

Lodging houses in Nenh township, Viet Yen district are home to a large number of workers.

According to Senior Colonel Hoang Van Lien, Head of the Division of External Security Affairs, the provincial Public Security Department, the province is home to about 7,000 foreigners mostly in the industrial parks and clusters in Viet Yen district and Bac Giang city. The Division of External Security Affairs regularly collaborates with the Department of Health, Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and the provincial Industrial Zones Authority to supervise the pandemic prevention and control for foreign experts and technical workers.

Heightening responsibility of the landlords

The number of workers temporarily residing in the province from different provinces and cities nationwide is 68,000. There are more than 5,000 lodging houses in Bac Giang with hundreds of thousand rooms. Labourers from other localities help many enterprises and production facilities have sufficient work force to maintain their operation and positively contribute to development of the province.

However, these people pose risk of epidemic transmission into the locality especially seasonal workers. Thus, the police force administering social order has surveyed and evaluated situation of the workers living in lodging houses to tighten residential management and secure the pandemic prevention.

Bac Giang province, tightens residential management, fight Covid-19 pandemic, complicated developments, infection chains,  functional forces

The functional force of Tang Tien commune, Viet Yen district checks implementation of the pandemic preventive measures at lodging houses in the locality.

After the fourth wave of the pandemic in some industrial parks, most of the landlords and accommodation facilities are aware of the danger of Covid-19 pandemic, thus they strictly obey regulations of the local government.

Residential declaration by the landlords is the basis for the communal Steering Committee for the pandemic prevention and control to implement citizens’ medical declaration and Covid-19 testing and send the data to the public security agency to carry out temporary residence and absence procedures for population management.

In order to improve efficiency of the pandemic prevention and control, the public security force collaborates with local agencies, sectors and unions to reinforce inspecting, supervising and tightening residential management to timely detect cases from virus-hit areas who illegally reside in the locality and violate the preventive measures against the pandemic and handle these cases within their authority or recommend the competent agency for strict handling.


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Bac Giang province, tightens residential management, fight Covid-19 pandemic, complicated developments, infection chains, functional forces
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