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Bac Giang accelerates digital transformation at one-stop-shop divisions

(BGO)- With the goal of renovating the operation of the one-stop-shop (OSS) divisions at all levels, Bac Giang province is promoting digital transformation in public service provision in association with the digitization of documents to create maximum conditions for the staff in the handling of administrative procedures.

Doi Ngo township was selected by Luc Nam district as a pilot site for commune-level digital transformation. Nguyen Xuan Hoa, Vice Chairman of the township People's Committee, said “In order to complete the digital transformation plan, we especially focus on building digital government in association with improving the efficiency of the one-stop-shop divisions. 

In the immediate future, the township has upgraded the local area network (LAN) to enhance information processing capacity and ensure network security; to step up the settlement of administrative procedures in accordance with the electronic process on the Public Service Portal and electronic one-stop-shop system of the province. We will install more computers and scanners at the OSS units for officers to guide people to use online public services. 

Up to now, more than 60 percent of documents at the township People's Committee have been processed in the cyber space; while the rate of applications for public services at levels 3 and 4 reached 18 percent, up compared to before.

Bac Giang, digital transformation, one-stop-shop divisions

People handle administrative procedures at the OSS division of Doi Ngo township (Luc Nam district).

According to the Department of Information and Communications, currently, Bac Giang province's data sharing and integration platform has connected to the national data sharing and integration platform in nine contents: social insurance; business registration; national database on population; civil status; judicial records; granting budget relationship codes; legal documents; public postal services; and shared directory. Especially, from September 2021, the province's electronic one-stop-shop information system has connected to the birth registration system of the Ministry of Justice and been deployed throughout the province.

The province's goal in 2021 is to complete the digitization of valid administrative procedure settlement results at least 30 percent, 20 percent, and 15 percent, respectively, at provincial, district and commune levels to ensure the connection and sharing of data in the settlement of administrative procedures in the cyber space. Through surveys at the one-stop-shop units in Yen The, Tan Yen, Viet Yen and Luc Nam districts and Bac Giang city, currently the digitization of dossiers, papers and results of administrative procedure settlement has been implemented. thereby facilitating the management and use of data.

Bac Giang, digital transformation, one-stop-shop divisions

People scan QR Code to look up administrative procedures and assess the level of satisfaction at the one-stop-shop division in Viet Yen district.

Publicity, transparency, and time and cost reduction when dealing with administrative procedures are great benefits of successful digital transformation. Therefore, over the past time, agencies, districts and city in the province have promoted the application and development of information technology in professional activities, towards building e-government at all levels. In particular, special attention has been paid to digitalizing public administrative services to better serve people and businesses.

To create a foundation for digital transformation in the public administration field, Bac Giang has built database groups on the digital platforms and developed many utility applications. For example, recently, Viet Yen district and Bac Giang city developed and put into use an administrative procedure listing board and guided the handling of documents online by QR Code on Zalo. In addition to the provincial Public Administration Service Center, currently 219 OSS units at district and commune levels have set up their own Zalo groups to notify organizations and citizens of the status of handling administrative procedures. The provincial Public Security Agency maintains 224 Zalo pages at all three levels (province, district and commune). New documents, policies and regulations as well as administrative procedures related to the sector’s activities have been summarized or guided in the form of question-and-answer and publicized, making it more convenient for people and businesses when coming to complete administrative procedures at the OSS units.

The Center for Information and Communication Technology under the Department of Information and Communications is studying the building of a centralized mobile application platform and "Chatbot" solution to provide instructions on handling administrative procedures to serve citizens. Of which, attention is paid to building a bank of automatic questions and answers on "Chatbot" technology integrated with the provincial Public Service Portal.

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Bac Giang, digital transformation, one-stop-shop divisions
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