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Fully vaccinated people urged to still follow 5K message

(BGO) - In the face of the complicated development of the Covid-19, for safe and flexible adaptation to and effective control of the pandemic, the People's Committee of Bac Giang province has directed the health sector, districts and city to focus on speeding up vaccination against the disease to protect people's health.

Accelerating vaccination

According to the provincial Department of Health, currently, about 6 percent of people in the province have not yet received any dose of Covid-19 vaccine. These are people over 65 years old and those facing difficulties in travelling and suffering underlying diseases or contraindications to injection.

Fully vaccinated people, follow 5K message, Bac Giang province,  Covid-19 vaccination, complicated development, safe and flexible adaptation, protect people's health

A student of the Ngo Si Lien High School (Bac Giang city) gets vaccinated against Covid-19.

For these cases, the grassroots-level authorities have worked to make them understand the importance of vaccination and go for pre-injection screening, if eligible, they will be injected with the appropriate vaccine. In order to minimise the cases of elderly people having to travel for a long distance, besides organising vaccination at health stations of wards and communes, the medical forces have also administered vaccines at some cultural houses of villages and residential areas.

In order to speed up the injection of the 2nd shots for them, striving for about 70 percent of people over 18 years old vaccinated with the second dose, the health sector is focusing human and material resources to coordinate with local authorities to inoculate those who have already received the first jab.

The vaccination against Covid-19 has been implemented simultaneously in all communes, wards and townships. In industrial zones, mobile injection points have been arranged, with concurrent use of all vaccines allocated by the Ministry of Health.

To date, Bac Giang province has been allocated more than 2.2 million doses of vaccines, including 667,200 doses of AstraZeneca, 855,800 doses of Vero Cell, 498,470 doses of Pfizer and 182,340 doses of Moderna. With these vaccine sources, 99.2 percent of the local population aged 18 years and older received at least one dose of vaccine, with 62.1 percent getting full two shots.

Avoiding subjectivity in epidemic prevention

According to the provincial Covid-19 Prevention and Control Command Center, from October 26 to the afternoon of November 29, the whole province recorded 1,095 new cases, most of them are workers and freelancers of various ages. About 80 percent of infected people have received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Fully vaccinated people, follow 5K message, Bac Giang province,  Covid-19 vaccination, complicated development, safe and flexible adaptation, protect people's health

Health workers conduct screening test for an elderly woman before vaccinating in Dinh Ke ward (Bac Giang city).

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Deputy Director of the Department of Health, said that the vaccine does not provide immediate protection but needs at least 14 days after the first shot to take effect. The protection ability after the first jab remains low. One month or more after the second dose, the vaccine just reaches optimal protection.

“In fact, in Bac Giang, since October 26, more than 80 percent of the cases had no symptoms or only mild symptoms. That's one of the effects of the Covid-19 vaccine that we have seen in fact," Huong said.

In order to ensure the health of students, since the beginning of November, the province has vaccinated more than 63,000 students from 15 to under 18 years old, reaching 96.92 percent of those in this age group. It is preparing for inoculating children aged 12-15. All children aged from 12 to under 18 years old are injected with the Pfizer vaccine.

In the face of the complicated development of the epidemic, vaccination is one of the decisive factors for "safe adaptation" in the new normal. Therefore, every citizen needs to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as soon as possible, because "the best vaccine is the one injected at the earliest" to protect their own health, towards herd immunity and effective prevention and control.

In particular, it should be noted that even after receiving two doses of vaccine, people still need to strictly follow the 5K message set by the Ministry of Health, especially wearing masks, avoiding mass gatherings and keeping a distance.


Viet Anh
90.5 percent of Bac Giang population aged over 18 receive one Covid-19 vaccine shot
(BGO) – As of 2pm on November 15, Bac Giang province administered 1,515,523 Covid-19 vaccine doses, including 1,152,371 first shot and 363,152 second one. Thus, 90.5 percent of local population aged over 18 received at least one vaccine shot while 28.53 percent of adults were fully vaccinated.
98 percent of IPs’workers in Bac Giang administered one Covid-19 vaccine dose
(BGO)- As vaccination is considered a useful measure in the pandemic fight, Bac Giang province has paid high attention to administering vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 for people with a priority to workers in the industrial parks.
Bac Giang receives 200,000 Vero Cell vaccine doses
(BGO) – The Center of Disease Control (CDC) in Bac Giang province on September 20 received 200,000 Covid-19 Vero Cell vaccine doses allocated by the Ministry of Health.
Bac Giang receives 8,300 more Covid-19 vaccine doses
(BGO) – Bac Giang province on July 26 received 6,000 more AstraZeneca and 2,340 Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine doses.
Many more donations to Covid-19 vaccine fund
(BGO) – The Covid-19 vaccine fund in Bac Giang province received many more donations in June 12 and 13 from various organizations and individuals inside and outside the province. 
Fully vaccinated people, follow 5K message, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 vaccination, complicated development, safe and flexible adaptation, protect people's health
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