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Accompanying impoverished students to school

(BGO) - For recent years, the life has been dramatically changed. However, due to different reasons, many childrens living in poor, near poor families or orphans are till wishing to go to school. By granting sponsorship scholarships, the study encouragement association at all levels, political - social organizations and kind hearted people have joined hands to share  their difficulties to help them realize the school dream.  

“Not leaving any children behind”

With the target “not leaving any children behind”, many supporting policies from the Party and Government as well as the assistance of authorities and political social organizations have partly reduced their challenges and disadvantages.

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Representatives of Thien Tam Luc Nam Association hand over scholarship to impoverished students in Tam Di commune.

Typically, Do Thi Toan (born in 2011) in Phuong Dao village, Song Mai commune, Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) is one of the beneficiaries. She lives in a poor family with sick and old grandmother, weak father due to working accident while her mother lost job due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to the campaign “Sharing with children to overcome Covid-19 pandemic” launched by the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Council of Young Pioneer, in late November 1021, the Bac Giang municipal Youth Federation handed over three million VND scholarship to her.

It was the practical support to share a part of difficulty for her family, especially amid the prolong Covid-19 pandemic when students need to have equipment for online studying.

Sponsoring orphan and impoverished students is a meaningful activity maintained by all levels of Bac Giang municipal Youth Federation for years. Particularly in 2021, 86 children in wards and communes were presented sponsorship scholarships ranging from 200,000 VND to 7.5 million VND per person.

In Luc Nam district, Thien Tam Luc Nam Association established Thien tam Study Encouragement Fund to assist students living in special difficult condition with good academic result. In last November, the Association gifted 13 scholarships each worth from 1.5 million to two million VND.

Diversifying the assistance method

According to Vice Chairwoman of provincial Study Encouragement Association Nguyen Thi Chinh, many organizations, agencies and businesses in the province have effectively launched the movement to hand over sponsorship scholarships to children such as the provincial Association for Protection of Children’s rights, Bac Giang Newspaper, provincial Public Security, Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group…

The data of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs sector proves that Bac Giang has more than 450,000 children (accounting for nearly 28 percent of total population), nearly 60,000 of whom live in poor and near poor families, over 3,200 are orphans, about 6,000 are disabled and 500 are abandoned. These cases truly need the attention and assistance to overcome the hard life.

The students will be sponsored in each year or period of three to five years depending on the condition of the sponsors as well as expectation of the family. With special cases, some charity organizations make saving books to support them in long time.

Typically, the Young Theory Club in Bac Giang city in September called on donation of 15 million VND from kind-hearted people to two orphans Cong Tran Dai Vi (born in 2007) and Cong Nguyen Minh Thuy (born in 2015) who live with 80 year old grandmother in Chau Xuyen residential area in Le Loi ward. Also, teacher Phan Thi THu Ha, Head Mistress of Thai Thuan High School and other individuals called for donation of 50 million VND for them.

In 2021, the provincial Study Encouragement Association mobilized the Study and Talent Encouragement Fund and cooperated with sponsor businesses and agencies to hand over nearly 400 scholarships to students.

Additionally, all levels of Youth Union launched campaign “Sharing with children to overcome Covid-19 pandemic” while provincial Women’s Union has implemented the “Godmother” movement since early December to impoverished children affected by Covid-19.

Chairwoman of provincial Women’s Union Nguy Thi Tuyen said to widespread the programme into community, all chapters of women’s union have boosted up communication and called for all levels, sectors, organizations and individuals in and outside the country to actively joining hands together via various methods such as directly caring and sponsoring or donating sources so that the officials, members and organizations will take care of, nurture the orphans and provide them more condition to go to school.


Hai Van
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Accompanying impoverished students, Bac Giang province, sponsorship scholarships, study encouragement association, realize the school dream, supporting policies, Covid-19 pandemic, good academic result
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