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Tet of love and sharing

(BGO) - The people’s living faces numerous difficulties due to impact of Covid-19 pandemic. In order to ensure Tet (Lunar new Year festival) for every family, the levels, sectors and socio-political organizations in northern province of Bac Giang are paying high attention to mobilizing resources to care for the poor.

All poor households will receive Tet gifts

On the New Year of the Tiger 2022, the provincial Fatherland Front Committee calls for enterprises and kind-hearted people to join hands targeting 100 percent of poor households (24,600 households) presented Tet gifts worth 500,000 VND (21.7 USD) per each. The districts and city will care for nearly poor households on Tet occasion.

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Members of the women’s union of Chi Ly 2 residential neighborhood in Tran Phu ward, Bac Giang city classify waste to raise living support fund.

In order to reach the target, the fatherland front committees at all levels have closely collaborated with local government and socio-political organizations to propagandize and mobilize fund, according to Trinh Huu Ban, permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee.

The mobilization has been launched under the principles that the localities having better conditions support the localities facing difficulties and the rate of mobilized fund and list of donated people must be publicized. Besides, they pay attention to receiving and allocating gifts ensuring all of the gifts will come to poor households. The mobilization result will be announced in the mass media.

Understanding difficulties facing people amid Covid-19 pandemic, Viet Yen district plans to present gifts to 100 percent of poor and nearly poor households (more than 2,700 households) and other cases facing sudden difficulties. The total fund is about 2 billion VND (87,000 USD) in which each gift package for poor households worth 800,000 VND (34.8 USD) and that for nearly poor households worth 500,000 VND (21.7 USD).

Bac Giang city strives for each poor and nearly poor household, especially difficult cases, those facing unfortunate incidents, lonely elderly and orphans to receive many gifts from the sectors, organizations and voluntary clubs. Besides, the city will support the districts of Luc Ngan, Luc Nam, Yen The and Son Dong with 500 gift packages for poor households per each locality.

This time, other socio-political organizations are also actively mobilizing resources to care for needy people in the province.

Careful preparation

A number of individuals, associations and groups call for donation of clothes to give needy people in upland districts through social networks like facebook and zalo. Each entry has received thousands of shares, attention and spread in internet community.

Tet of love and sharing, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, care for the poor, Tet gifts, poor households, socio-political organizations, New Year of the Tiger, Careful preparation

Women of Tran Phu ward, Bac Giang city visit and present gifts to needy members.

Ten days ago, the voluntary group named Dong Tam (Luc Ngan district) organized “warm winter clothes” programme. Despite rainy and cold weather, whenever receiving messages from donors, the members immediately came to pick up clothes and stuff then classified, cleaned and carefully packed up. In addition to clothes, the group received hats, footwear, blankets and bicycles.

“The rate of poor households in the commune is 19.38 percent while the figure of nearly poor households is 14.23 percent. The people’s living faces numerous difficulties. We hope the organizations and donors to continue supporting and accompanying local government to care for the poor to celebrate a warmer and more joyful Lunar New Year”, said Au Van Dat, Chairman of the people’s committee of Sa Ly commune, Luc Ngan district.

On January 3 afternoon at Tong Thi Chuot’s house in Chi Ly 2 residential neighborhood, Tran Phu ward, Bac Giang city, members of the women’s union carried bags of used bottles, soda cans and cardboard boxes to raise the living support fund. The waste will be sold to the scrap purchasing agents after being classified. All of the money gained from selling scraps will be spent to support needy members, elderly and children.

According to Trinh Huu Ban, this year the provincial Fatherland Front Committee will collaborate with the provincial People’s Committee to combine the delegations visiting and presenting gifts to policy beneficiaries and poor people. The Tet gift giving activity must be completed before January 27 (December 25 of lunar calendar). Based on actual conditions, the localities can invite representatives of some poor households to receive gifts at the headquarters of the communal-level people’s committee or residential areas complying with the regulation on Covid-19 prevention and control.

The New Year of the Tiger is coming closer. We hope that poor people and needy households will receive several gifts to welcome a happy new year with new beginnings thanks to joining hands of the whole society.


Khoi Nguyen
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Tet of love and sharing, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, care for the poor, Tet gifts, poor households, socio-political organizations, New Year of the Tiger, Careful preparation
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