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Bac Giang pilots to treat Covid-19 patients at home

(BGO) – Implementing the flexible disease preventive strategy in new situation, since January, the Health Department in Bac Giang province has piloted to treat Covid-19 patient (F0) at home.

Currently, the province has treated 643 patients at four facilities of provincial General Hospital, Field Hospital No.2, Medical Center in Hiep Hoa district and Medical Center in Lang Giang district.

Director of the Health Department Tu Quoc Hieu said to reduce the load for medical facilities, the provincial health sector started piloting to treat F0 without any symptom at home toward widely imposing in the whole province.

The doctors and nurses in the medical center will screen patients with mild symptom and qualified facility condition for home treatment. The critical cases or patients with underlying diseases will be transferred to Covid-19 treatment areas.

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The health workers in Tran Nguyen Han ward (Bac Giang city) provide medicine to relative of Covid-19 patient under home treatment.

As of January 4, 34 Covid-19 patient have been treated at the accommodation in Bac Giang city and the districts of Yen the, Son Dong and Hiep Hoa. The home treatment requires strict management from treatment procedure, communication connection to health worker and community Covid teams to prevent the overload and bad progress.

Now, Bac Giang city allows 24 F0 cases, mostly children to treat at home. The municipal Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control established mobile medical stations to collaborate with the medical staff in the ward, commune and community Covid team to monitor and treat the cases effectively.

Moreover, the medical stations at the communes and wards founded Zalo groups to know about the information of patients and their relatives, daily update the health condition of each case into health record. The doctors also suggest the patients to have sufficient nutrition diet in associated with gentle exercise at home to get recovery soon.

Particularly Yen The, Son Dong and Hiep Hoa districts are treating two to seven Covid-19 patients at home.

After five days, the Health Department evaluated that the home treatment helps patients more comfortably and better. No case with bad progress is reported. The testing proves that many cases have much reduced SARS-CoV-2 concentration toward full recovery.

Piloting to treat Covid-19 patient at the accommodation place helps reduce the pressure on Covid-19 treatment facilities so the health sector can prioritize forces to take care of critical cases to avoid fatality.

In the upcoming time, the Health Department will direct the medical centers in the districts and city to actively prepare medicine and equipment, establish more teams to monitor, consult and take care of F0 at home.

The health officials and staff in charge of caring for Covid-19 patients should enhance the responsibility and profession to instruct and monitor the patients’ health condition to reduce the bad progress cases to that the mild patients can be comfortably treated at home.

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Bac Giang province, pilots, treat Covid-19 patients, at home, home treatment, flexible disease preventive strategy, new situation, Covid-19 treatment areas, community Covid teams
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