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Women’s unions contribute to fighting pandemic, keeping urban sanitation

(BGO) - In the context of difficulties caused by the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the women's unions at all levels in Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province with creative activities, have actively participated in the Covid-19 prevention and control, achieving excellent results in performing their tasks.

Clean from house to alley

Implementing Directive No. 17-CT/TU issued by the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee on mobilizing the entire population to focus on collecting and thoroughly treating waste discharged into the environment, the women's unions at all levels in Bac Giang city have actively responded to the campaign towards building a green - smart city. 

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An official of the Hoang Van Thu ward women’s union disseminates pandemic prevention regulations to the people.

The city Women’s Union encouraged its chapters in villages and residential areas to actively engage in the movements "Clean from the house to the alley - Clean from the alley to the house" and "Green Sunday"; as well as raise public awareness of environmental protection so that people join hands to keep village roads and alleys bright, green, clean and beautiful.

From May 2021, all chapters in villages and residential areas have massively implemented the movements and maintained the "Green Sunday" programme in the spirit of Resolution No. 81-NQ/TU by the municipal Party Committee. Nearly 19,000 women’s union officials and members collected about 60 tonnes of garbage, waste and construction materials, dredged canals, cleared bushes and removed advertisement papers.

With the motto "flowers replace grass and garbage", the chapters planted and took care of 56 road sections with flowers after clearing piles of garbage in vacant land or residential areas.

To practically raise funds to help poor members, the women’s unions at all levels have maintained 321 scrap collection teams, saving 60-80 million VND per year. From this fund and social sources, they have given money and rice to nearly 3,000 poor members and disadvantaged children, along with thousands of environmentally friendly items to members and people.

Implementing the movement "Turning waste into bicycles", at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, the women’s unions at all levels presented 79 bicycles and many practical gifts to help students overcome difficulties in learning. They also raised funds to support the construction of houses for poor members.

Actively combating Covid-19

As the complicated Covid-19 epidemic has affected the socio-economic situation and people's lives, the women’s unions at all levels in the city encouraged its members to participate in many practical activities to support disease prevention and control. In particular, they used funds raised from staff members, benefactors, and volunteer groups to donate cash, medical supplies, necessities, and others to frontline forces in the fight against the pandemic and those working in concentrated quarantine areas. They also organised "zero-dong stalls" and "zero-dong supermarkets" to support families in locked down areas in the province with a total value of more than 4.3 billion VND (189,000 USD).

Recognizing the positive activities of the Bac Giang City Women's Union, at the end of 2021, the Prime Minister awarded it a Certificate of Merit for its outstanding performance in emulation movements. At the same time, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, the provincial Women's Union, the Chairman of the City People's Committee commended the unit for its excellent achievements in the patriotic emulation movement, union affairs and new-style rural area building.

During the outbreak of the pandemic, women’s union staff and members received and handed over nearly 4 tonnes of fresh fruit to and directly made thousands of cups of smoothies for frontline forces.

With the spirit of mutual support, the city Women's Union is the coordinator to receive goods and hand over 4 batches of goods to support Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces with a total of nearly 50 tonnes of rice, noodles and vegetables, 10 boxes of cakes, 720 boxes of instant noodles, 484 boxes of salted peanut worth nearly 1.1 billion VND (48,350 USD).

Currently, the epidemic continues to develop complicatedly. In the recent week, the whole city detected nearly 230 positive cases, most of them are students. Wards and communes have to lock down many areas. Thousands of people are being quarantined in concentrated facilities or at home. 

To deal with that situation, women’s union officials and members continue to join the community Covid-19 teams, stay on duty at quarantine sites, donate necessities and support the purchase of essential supplies for quarantined households. At the same time, they grasp the health situation of those who are being treated and quarantined at home and remind them to comply with regulations on epidemic prevention and control, care and protect the health of young children.

Vi Le Thanh
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Women’s unions, fighting pandemic, keeping urban sanitation, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, creative activities, excellent results, Green Sunday, green - smart city
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