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Businesses care for labours on Tet occasion

(BGO) – It is nearly one month to come Lunar New Year 2022. In spite of encountering numerous difficulties caused by Covid-19 pandemic, the businesses in the northern province of Bac Giang have taken efforts to balance the expenses to give Tet bonus to labours. The gift helps encourage and pay tribute to the labour as well as maintain stable human resources.

To give “13rd month salary” to worker

Implementing the decision of provincial People’s Committee to suspend the operation of four industrial parks in the middle of May, 2021, New Wing Interconnect Technology Bac Giang Company Limited (New Wing) (under Hon Hai Technology Group) in Van Trung industrial park stopped production in nearly one month. At that time, about 100 workers were infected.

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Leader of Samkwang Vina Company Limited in Quang Chau industrial park hands over Tet gift to workers.

Overcoming the hardest time, now the production is stable with more than 25,000 workers. But New Wing still faces a lot of difficulties in materials, order and labours which affect to the completion of production and business plan as well as benefit. Amid such challenges, the company has balanced the finance to give the 13rd month salary to workers.

The leader of company Trade Union informed that the specific bonus has not been announced. The company will take utmost effort to provide the same bonus rate as last year basing on the seniority and working efficiency. Besides, the Trade Union will mobilize expense to present gifts to all labours, each worth 300,000 VND and consult the board of Director to support impoverished trade unionists.

Many companies prepared the bonus giving programmes and early informed to the labours. Typically, Viet Pan Pacific Company Limited in Bac Giang city announced plan to give the thirteenth month salary to nearly 3,000 workers amid many difficulties in production cost and business efficiency.

Restricting conflict and keeping labours

According to the statistic from the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA), basing on the bonus plan for Lunar New Year submitted by 279 enterprises, 21 companies give average bonus of under one million VND per person, 12 give bonus ranging from one to under 1.5 million VND per person; 139 give bonus of 1.5 to under 5 million VND per person; 96 give bonus of five to under 10 million VND per person; 11 give bonus from ten million VND per person and above. The average bonus is about 5.2 million VND per person this year, up 200,000 VND year on year.

Businesses, care for labours, Tet occasion, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year 2022, Covid-19 pandemic, balance the expenses, give Tet bonus to labours, stable human resources

Since late November 2021, DoLISA held three teleconferences to relevant departments, sectors and 500 businesses to timely know the situation, enhance the effectiveness of solving the labour conflict at year end occasion, especially Tet bonus giving issue.

Hoang Van Thang Head of the Labour and Job Division under DoLISA.

However, many small and medium businesses are suffering big impacts of Covid-19 pandemic with marginal operation and no benefit so giving Tet bonus seems to be a hard task.

Head of the Labour and Job Division (under DoLISA) Hoang Van Thang shared giving Tet bonus is not a compulsory regulation but every worker looks forward to this amount which is considered as the employer’s acknowledgement for one hardworking year. Actually, not all companies truly understand the nature of the bonus to have appropriate behavior to the labours.

From now on till ahead of Lunar New Year, the DoLISA focuses on expediting and ordering the enterprises to review the salary policy, prepare bonus plan and announce it publicly so as to comfort labours in production while actively cooperating with relevant sectors to know the labour relationship situation, especially at the difficult companies affected by the pandemic to have timely assistance and prevent the collective work stoppage.

The trade union at all levels should mobilize expense to support disadvantaged trade unionist and labours.

For recent four years, Samkwang Vina Company Limited in Quang Chau industrial park has announced policies relating to traditional Tet holiday in early lunar December. This year, apart from the bonus of one month basic salary (about 5.5 million VND per person), the company and Trade Union present a gift set worth 800,000 VND per labour and 600,000 VND addition allowance to 150 disadvantaged cases.

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Businesses, care for labours, Tet occasion, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year 2022, Covid-19 pandemic, balance the expenses, give Tet bonus to labours, stable human resources
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