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Warm Tet for workers and the poor

(BGO) – To help every family enjoy the biggest traditional festival of the year, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) has actively launched various programmes to care for impoverished workers and the poor on Tet occasion. After a difficult year with severe impacts of disease, the task is highly focused and implemented earlier.

All poor households enjoy Tet festival

On lunar December 9, the Red Cross Society (RCS) in Tan Yen district handed over the cash and Tet gift worth one million VND to Nguyen Thi Sau (born in 1971) in Ha An village, Cao Xa commune.

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Vice Chairman of Tan Yen district People’s Committee Ngo Quoc Hung visits and present Tet gift to family of Nguyen Thi Sau in Cao Xa commune.

She has suffered a miserable life since the younger son was seriously injured at traffic accident on September 2020. Two months later, her husband got a deadly crash on his way back home after caring for the hospitalized son who relies all on supporting device to remain breath.

The poor family depends on the older son working at Van Trung industrial park (Viet Yen district). All live in unfinished one-storey house.

Knowing about the case, the district RCS called on kind-hearted people to support the family to complete the house, aid more expense for treatment and bring her to the list for regular assistance.

To fulfill the target of gifting all poor, near poor families and disadvantaged households on Tet holiday, the district Fatherland Front Committee (FFC) launched the programme to all communes, towns, organizations, agencies and schools in the area while sending letter to sponsor, business and philanthropists.

So far, many businesses, organizations and individuals have registered to donate cash and kind so as to join hands to care for the needy cases on Tet occasion (each package worth from 500,000 VND to one million VND depending on each case).

In additional, in 2022 the district FFC strives to call for donation of 3.5 billion VND (155,000 USD) for the Fund for the Poor; implement social welfare policy to construct great unity houses for 50 poor households; support livelihood to 22 households (one household in each commune and town).

Accompanying labours

There are 400 operating businesses in Tan Yen district, 33 of which have trade union with nearly 10,000 workers. Most of them live in the province and go to work every day. Few people (100 cases) come from distance provinces of Nghe An, Lang Son, Thanh Hoa, Thai Nguyen and Gia Lai among others.

Warm Tet, workers and the poor, Bac Giang province, biggest traditional festival, Tan Yen district, impoverished workers, Tet occasion, support livelihood, Reunited Tet holiday

The Lunar New Year 2022 is coming. The communes and towns actively collaborate to organize activities to care for various subjects on this occasion to ensure sufficient, appropriate and timely assistance as the regulation so as to everyone can enjoy a warm Tet season.

Ngo Quoc Hung, Vice Chairman of Tan Yen district People’s Committee.

To take care of trade unionists and labours on Tet occasion, the district Labour Federation plans to offer ticket expense, Tet gift and organize some activities to bring a spirit of reunited and warm Lunar New Year to them. Accordingly, at least 300 disadvantaged workers will be presented a gift package worth 500,000 VND.

Due to the complicated development of Covid-19 this year, the district Labour Federation has cooperated with the trade union organization at the enterprises to persuade workers living in distance localities to stay and welcome Tet at the companies so as to restrict returning hometown to well conduct disease preventive measures.

It is the way to ensure the labours’ jobs after the holiday season. Because if they decide to return hometown at pandemic hit areas, there will be high risk of quarantine when coming back work. However, labours living in faraway location will be provided ticket expense of 500,000 VND each in case they still want to go back home.

The district Labour Federation has joined hands with the district Party Committee of the Business Block, Women Union, Youth Union, the employers and trade union at three companies with biggest number of workers to organize “Reunited Tet holiday at company” programme under strict implementation of disease prevention and control.

A wide range of activities will be featured at the event such as art performance, dancing, dragon dancing, games, lucky draw…together with gifting activity to difficult workers and presenting ticket to workers living at far distance.

Though the visiting, gifting and programme is held shortly for Covid-19 prevention and control, many poor people and labours in far distance are moved by the kind attention, timely sharing and encouragement of all sectors and levels on the biggest traditional festival of the year.

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Warm Tet, workers and the poor, Bac Giang province, biggest traditional festival, Tan Yen district, impoverished workers, Tet occasion, support livelihood, Reunited Tet holiday
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