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Supporting workers to celebrate Tet

(BGO) - In order to protect their health, this Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, many foreign workers working in Bac Giang have stayed at boarding houses to welcome the new year. Paying attention to workers' lives, trade unions at all levels, businesses and localities have focused their resources to support and encourage them to enjoy spring and celebrate Tet.

Enjoying Tet at boarding houses

Unlike other years, this year's Lunar New Year holiday, most people renting Nguyen Ba Quang's boarding house in Tam Tang village, Quang Chau commune (Viet Yen district) plan to stay here to celebrate Tet. Only people in some rooms announced they would return to their home in the province. The tenants here are mainly workers in the Quang Chau Industrial Park (IP).

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Workers buy goods to prepare for Tet.

According to Nguyen Duc Chien, head of Tam Tang village, more than 2,200 people from outside the province are renting accommodations in the village. On this occasion, 70 percent of people registered to stay here to celebrate Tet. Sharing with those living far from home, the village has contacted businesses, the district Labor Confederation, and organizations and individuals to give 100 gifts to boarded workers. At the same time, it also encourages and reminds them to well observe anti-pandemic regulations as well as avoid mass gatherings, parties and exchanges in the spring days.

Despite being simple, they still try to buy enough traditional dishes and arrange a tray of five fruits to burn incense to welcome the Lunar New Year's Eve and wish for a peaceful new year.

At this time, many small clusters of Covid-19 cases still appear in a few businesses and residential areas across the province. In order to prevent the epidemic, businesses have actively persuaded workers to limit travelling and avoid mass gatherings to ensure health and safety. They have required employees to sign a commitment on strictly complying with regulations on pandemic prevention and control at the place of residence.

During the 2022 Lunar New Year holiday, out of 385 enterprises operating in local industrial zones, six are still maintaining production in some parts. These are companies that need to complete products to meet the delivery schedule under signed contracts in the early spring days. The remaining units all let workers off for Tet to ensure their interests.

Still feeling warm despite staying far from home

Nguyen Van Canh, Chairman of the provincial Labour Confederation, said that to ensure all union members and employees have Tet, trade unions at all levels have coordinated with districts, cities and businesses to implement many practical activitie to take care of Tet for workers.

Supporting workers, celebrate Tet, Bac Giang province, protect their health, Lunar New Year, foreign workers, boarding houses,  welcome the new year, Tet reunion, peaceful spring

A representative of the provincial Labor Confederation delivers Tet gifts to workers of Luxshare ICT Co., Ltd (Van Trung Industrial Park).

In safe units, the provincial Labor Confederation has cooperated with enterprises to organize the programme "Tet reunion – peaceful spring" to create a joyful and warm atmosphere, contributing to taking care of the material and spiritual life of workers during the traditional Lunar New Year festival of the nation.

Under the programme, the provincial Labor Confederation gives 4,500 gifts (500,000 VND each) to trade union members, employees and workers in extremely difficult circumstances, facing occupational accidents or diseases, and suffering serious illnesses, as well as those living far away from their hometowns who have no conditions to return home for Tet.

At the same time, the provincial Labor Confederation deducted money from the "Trade Union Houses" fund to support the construction of 3 - 5 "Trade Union Houses" for members in need with housing.

Currently, businesses are focusing on paying full benefits for employees. In addition to salary and Tet bonus, most units have prepared Tet gifts and lucky money for all workers. This is a meaningful gift that not only encourages but also keeps employees attached to the businesses.

For some businesses where Covid-19 cases are still detected, they will not organize programmes to celebrate the spring and the Lunar New Year, but instead give gifts to workers in the form of money transfer to ensure safety from the pandemic.

Minh Thu
Bac Giang cares for social policy beneficiaries and poor people on Tet occasion
(BGO) – On January 18,  the Standing Vice Secretary of Bac Giang provincial Party Committee (PPC), Chairwoman of the provincial People’s Council Le Thi Thu Hong presented Tet gifts to Luc Nam district.
Nhat Tan flower village attracting crowds as Tet draws near
With the Lunar New Year holiday, or Tet, fast approaching, the Nhat Tan peach blossom village in Hanoi has become increasingly busy as many people come to snap beautiful photos or buy beautiful flowers for Tet.
Provincial leader visits and extends Tet greeting to some FDI enterprises
(BGO) – On January 17, Vice Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Phan The Tuan and representatives of Department of Foreign Affairs, PPC Office and Industrial Park Management Board visited and extended Tet greeting to Crystal Martin Vietnam Company Limited; Jufeng New Materials Vietnam Co.,Ltd in Quang Chau industrial park, Viet Yen district and SeoJin Vietnam Co.,Ltd in Song Khe – Noi Hoang industrial park in Yen Dung district.
Hope Foundation delivers Tet gifts to Covid orphans
VnExpress’s Hope Foundation has handed around 1,500 gift packages to children whose parents succumbed to Covid-19 in southern epicenters ahead of the country's biggest holiday Tet.
Tet Viet Festival underway in Ho Chi Minh City
The 2022 Tet Viet (Vietnamese Tet) Festival kicked off at Youth Cultural House in Ho Chi Minh City on January 16, as an annual event to celebrate the lunar New Year festival (Tet) of the Vietnamese people.

Supporting workers, celebrate Tet, Bac Giang province, protect their health, Lunar New Year, foreign workers, boarding houses, welcome the new year, Tet reunion, peaceful spring
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