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A Tet of sharing

(BGO) - In order to help poor households and disadvantaged families have a warm and joyful Tet (Lunar New Year), in recent days, many charity associations, groups and clubs in Bac Giang province have taken practical and meaningful activities.

Helping people with difficult situations

In the last days of the lunar year 2021, despite being busy, the members of the "Purple Rose" Club (Bac Giang city), divided into groups, gave Tet gifts to disadvantaged patients undergoing dialysis at the provincial General Hospital who are renting boarding rooms in Bac Giang city.

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A representative of the "Purple Rose" Club presents Tet gifts to Vi Van Dinh, a dialysis patient who is renting a boarding room in Bac Giang city.

Receiving a Tet gift worth 500,000 VND (22 USD) including cash and confectionery, Vi Van Dinh (born in 1966), in Dai Son commune (Son Dong district) was touched by the generous hearts of benefactors. Along with Dinh, nearly 30 patients undergoing hemodialysis from poor households were also supported by the club with necessities such as rice, instant noodles, eggs and cash to celebrate Tet.

On the days running up to Tet, charity associations, groups and clubs in all localities across the province have taken humanitarian activities towards the poor with thousands of gifts delivered. Each Tet gift is worth from 300,000 to 500,000 VND. Even some poor families were given tens of millions of VND, depending on the circumstances and the amount of donations.

In order to get funding, the clubs reviewed and captured the addresses of difficult cases through many information channels, went to study the families’ circumstances, wrote posts and shared stories on their Fanpage pages, social networks like Facebook and Zalo to call for help.

Sharing the same heart

Not only donating necessities, many clubs have also donated money to build new and repair houses. The "Connecting Hearts" Club led by Nguyen Xuan Dam (Luc Nam district) is an example. Currently, the club has about 80 members from many localities in the province, including retired officials, small traders, workers, and freelancers.

Tet of sharing, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year, poor households, disadvantaged families, warm and joyful Tet,  practical and meaningful activities, Tet gift

A representative of the provincial Young Doctors Association gives gifts to patients with difficult circumstances at the Rehabilitation Hospital.

In 2021, the club supported the construction and repair of houses for 15 cases of extremely difficult circumstances, with 10-30 million VND each. For many poor students in mountainous and highland areas of Luc Ngan and Son Dong districts, this spring, they will feel warmer and happier when receiving cushions, warm blankets and sweaters from the "One Heart" Club (Hiep Hoa district).

Many patients with difficult circumstances and serious diseases being treated at hospitals and medical facilities throughout the province also received Tet gifts from associations, groups and clubs. The Chung (square sticky rice) cakes, lean pork pies, candy boxes with cash from benefactors given on this occasion are very meaningful.

The province has about 30 charity clubs under the Red Cross Societies of the province, districts and Bac Giang city, along with dozens of associations and groups established voluntarily by organizations and individuals. With the nation's good tradition of "Thương người như thể thương thân" (Love others as much as yourself), whenever the New Year and spring come, activities to care for and support policy beneficiaries and families with extremely difficult circumstances, are conducted by many associations, groups and clubs.

Le Thi Duyen, Chairwoman of the provincial Red Cross Society, said that during the fourth Covid-19 outbreak in Bac Giang province recently, tens of tonnes of food and foodstuffs as well as billions of dong in cash were donated by charity associations, groups and clubs to disadvantaged families. On this occasion, the spirit of mutual affection and mutual love has spread again. Activities of associations, groups and clubs are methodical, timely and target right persons.

The meaningful gifts have contributed to bringing a warm, humane, and sharing Tet to the poor.

Cong Doanh
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Tet of sharing, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year, poor households, disadvantaged families, warm and joyful Tet, practical and meaningful activities, Tet gift
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