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Bac Giang implements Covid-19 preventive plan on Tet holiday

(BGO) - The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has issued Covid-19 prevention and control plan on 2022  Lunar New Year holiday in the province.

Accordingly, all levels, sectors and localities in the province must thoroughly grasp the instruction of the center and province about disease prevention; actively prepare scenarios and necessary condition to respond to any circumstance of disease outbreak during Tet holiday.

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“Four on the spot” motto must be well imposed, especially direction, coordination and cooperation on the spot to effectively respond to disease situation in line with the approve scenarios while ensuring efficient collaboration between local and reinforced forces in essential case.

The Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control (Steering Committee) at all levels keep operation during Tet occasion with strict implementation of disease preventive measures; firmly know about the situation and forecast of disease development; ready to conduct urgent solution to fight against the pandemic suitably and effectively.

All bodies should handle newly detected disease clusters in the localities to zone off, quarantine and definitely settle the clusters in line with the direction from the Ministry of Health, provincial People’s Committee and Steering Committee; focus on disease prevention at crowded residential areas, urban area, industrial parks...; supervise and manage imported cases so as to early detect any infection to avoid community outbreak.

The localities should prepare programmes to control returners from pandemic hit areas; classify the risk level depending on the declaration to have suitable management method (not quarantine) and conduct rapid test for them; remove all disease checkpoints; not prevent people from coming back hometown on Tet occasion.

The communication and propaganda must be popularized so as to inform the people returning to homeland on Tet holiday to come to medical station for compulsory health declaration and encourage them to make Covid-19 test before going home on the festival.

Mass media should frequently introduce the disease preventive measures so that all people know about them, raise the awareness to protect themselves and community.

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Bac Giang province, Covid-19 preventive plan, Tet holiday, Lunar New Year holiday, prevention and control plan, necessary condition, Four on the spot, urgent solution, avoid community outbreak
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