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Sharing with workers’ burden

(BGO)- Lunar December is the crunch time for workers to work overtime and earn more income. This year, their work has been unstable with decreased wages due to impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Many labourers in the province feel great anxiety when Tet is coming. 

Stories of the people living far from home

Instead of the eagerness to welcome lunar New Year, many workers in the industrial parks cope with anxiety about job and income that they could not have decided how to prepare for Tet and whether they will return their hometown or stay at the rented house on Tet.


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Workers prepare for Tet.

“I went back the company for work after more than 1 month staying at home due to the pandemic complicated developments. However, my job is unstable without overtime work causing a dramatic decrease in my income compared to previous years. Thus, I do not dare to think of the expenses for Tet”, shared Hoang Thi Hai (born in 1997), a worker of JSE Electronic Technology Company Limited in Van Trung industrial park who rents a house in My Dien 2 residential group. Hai was born in Lang Son province. Her husband is also a worker in an industrial park. Their family faces numerous difficulties.

Facing the pandemic situation, a number of workers decided not to go home but stay to work through Tet to prevent the pandemic and earn more income. According to the regulation, workers are paid 300 to 400 percent of normal wages on Tet holiday. Besides, the companies often give lucky money and gifts to encourage their workers to work during Tet holiday.

Although his home is in Yen The district which is only 30 kilometre from Quang Chau industrial park, Nguyen Truong Nam (born in 2000) may choose to stay for work during this Tet holiday.

“I have just started working, thus I have not earned much money. Due to a long holiday and travel restriction, I will not go home on Tet but I will consider visiting my family after the holiday when the pandemic situation becomes better”, said Nam.

Ensuring a safe Tet festival

According to the statistic by the provincial Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the province currently is home to more than 7,100 enterprises employing about 270,000 labourers. Of which, over 192,000 workers are working in nearly 400 companies in the industrial parks with 70 percent of them are from other provinces.

Sharing, workers’ burden, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, Lunar New Year holiday, great anxiety, living far from home, safe Tet festival, Trade Union, year-end meals

Hoang Thi Hai wonders whether to go home or stay at the rented house on Tet.

Jobs and incomes of nearly 150,000 workers in the industrial parks were affected in the fourth wave of Covid-19 in 2021. Although the enterprises have resumed stable production, the pandemic caused anxiety for the workers living far from home when they have to choose to return home or stay at the rented houses on Tet.

In order to protect the workers’ health and halt the epidemic spread, in line with nearly 5,000 Tet gifts presented to workers, the provincial Confederation of Labour provided new guidance in implementation of the programme “Accompanying workers to go home for Tet”.

According to Ngo Duc Thang, Chairman of the Trade Union in the provincial industrial parks, adhering to the guideline “ensuring the health of workers is a top priority”, this agency is directing the grassroots trade unions to make a list of those living far from home and facing difficult circumstances in need of going home for Tet. Based on the workers’ needs and epidemic situation, the agency will recommend arrangement of suitable coaches and buses.

Adhering to the direction of the Trade Union in the provincial industrial parks, the Executive Committee of the Trade Union of Taeyang Vietnam Electronic Company Limited in Dinh Tram industrial park has provided propaganda and encouraged workers to limit returning their hometown on Tet to contribute to fighting Covid-19 pandemic.

In recent years, many workers chose to stay at their rented houses to welcome Tet but they still got warm feelings thanks to sharing by the house owners. Since the industrial park was opened, Hoang Thi Thuy’s family in Nenh township has gained better income from rooms for rent and grocery store. She always treats the workers renting her house like her sons and daughters; hence, her family often prepares year-end meals to invite the workers who do not go home on Tet.

Despite the sadness, choosing not to go home on Tet is a practical contribution to fighting the pandemic and ensuring good health for a new year with stable job and income.


Tuong Vi - Khoi Nguyen
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Sharing, workers’ burden, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, Lunar New Year holiday, great anxiety, living far from home, safe Tet festival, Trade Union, year-end meals
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