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Love in the eye of storm

(BGO) – Covid-19 “storm” overwhelmed Bac Giang province in May 2021. The provincial Lung Hospital became the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to treat critical Covid-19 patients (F0). Inside the special isolation room with thin line between life and death, there were only the shade of the white blouses and the sound of ventilators. Here arose many stories of full affection.

Such a severe battle!

Taking us to the former ICU, Specialist Level 2 Doctor Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Director of the provincial Lung hospital shared: “We decided to preserve most of the treatment area model. No one wants to reuse the facility but it helps remind all to avoid the inattention and neglection. Because the battle was truly severe!”

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Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Mai Son hands over certificate of disease recovery to patient N.T.G.

From third class hospital, within only one day, they was directed to “evacuate” all patients to receive Covid-19 infected cases. Three days later, when treating 206 Covid-19 patients, they were directed to “release” asymptomatic cases to enter new and more serious battle that was to treat critical ones. Then, the biggest ICU in the Northern area was set up here.

Most of Covid-19 patients were hospitalized under conscious condition but became critical with bad progress in short period due to lung damage.

According to Head of Intensive Care Department Than Minh Khuong said ICU had 58 beds which were located at the same floor. In the first days, there was no air conditioner. Even later we installed some but had to open the door during treatment period so the atmosphere was severely hot. Many patients became desperate and worse.

Then, the provincial delivered timely support to install air conditioner but no one wanted to enter such place to do this task which was fulfilled by doctors at the hospital in the end.

At the ICU in Bac Giang provincial Lung Hospital, several critical and severe patients who relied on ventilators and Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) were fully recovered as the miracle. All were cared specially.

Deep humanity

When curing critical F0, apart from high and intensive techniques like endotracheal intubation, dialysis and ECMO done by doctors at Cho Ray Hospital, the task of caring, providing nutrition, avoiding infection to patients strongly decided to the recovery ability.

Love, eye of storm, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, Intensive Care Unit, critical Covid-19 patients, stories of full affection,  severe battle, Deep humanity, great supports

Director of provincial Lung Hospital Nguyen Ngoc Thanh congratulates first patient under ECMO treatment on release day.

One similar phenomena occurred after weaning off ventilators that was the change in patients’ mental. Typically, patient P.H.T (62 years old in Bac Giang city) who was the first case to rely on ECMO in the provincial Lung Hospital often kicked health worker because he was treated with anti-anxiety medication for long time, leading to consciousness disorder (he thought he was abandoned or dead so he refused to eat in panic condition).

As the direct care giver, ahead every meal, nurse Luyen pretended to make phone call to his family then said the food was prepared by his daughter or wife.

“I must comfort and flatter patient T step by step so that he received each meal to regain the physical condition and recover from the disease as the miracle,” Luyen recalled.

35 year old patient N.V.H in Lang Giang was another case who got worse so quickly after being hospitalized. He was treated with High Flow Nasal Canula and sometimes seemed not to survive. When regain the consciousness, H kept bowing his head and pressed his hands whenever seeing any medical workers as the sincere thank and deep gratitude during the treatment period.

Meanwhile, 34 year old patient N.T.G in Luc Nam district was the first critical case in the province who relied on ventilator to survive burst into tear on release day because sometime G gave up in desperate condition.

Monitoring each breath, supervising every sound of machine to detect any difference and abnormality, guiding exercise for each patient to recover, 54 days and nights at the ICU were the sleepless period without any concept of time and space. However, behind the iron and strong forces, there were tear of mother dropped for missing the children, of wife missing the husband and of children missing the parents who yet to know the date of reunion.

Thanks to the great supports from doctors and nurses nationwide, 54 stout days facing dangerous virus, the thin line between the life and death, they excellently fulfilled the task of ICU to treat 412 light patients and 97 critical and severe cases.

To them, it is spring of love, affection and humanity. No “storm” can conquer us.

Thu Huong – Minh Thu
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Love, eye of storm, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 pandemic, Intensive Care Unit, critical Covid-19 patients, stories of full affection, severe battle, Deep humanity, great supports
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