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Vietnamese “blue beret” soldiers join charity trip in South Sudan

The level-2 field hospital No.3 of Vietnam engaging in the United Nations peacekeeping mission together with Ghana’s Formed Police Unit (FPU) recently arranged the first charity trip of the year to Bentiu Central Prison in South Sudan.

The trip was organised on the occasion of the 92nd founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Tet (Lunar New Year), the most important festival of Vietnamese.

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Vietnamese medical soldiers provide checkups for inmates of Bentiu Central Prison.

The prison is the largest one in South Sudan’s Unity State, holding more than 120 inmates, and facing shortages of food, medicine and health care for prisoners.

In addition to aid packages and necessities, Vietnamese medical soldiers provided free checkups and medicine for prisoners and handed over medical supplies to wardens.

Lieut. Col. Trinh My Hoa, Director of the hospital, said that staff of the hospital wish to join hands with units of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to improve living conditions in Bentiu Central Prison, leaving no one behind even if they are prisoners.

Khalid Mohammed Mohammed Sanad Leila from UNMISS, who is the main coordinator of the activity, voiced his gratitude to the benevolent activity of Vietnam’s peacekeeping force.

During their 10 months in Bentiu, the level-2 field hospital No.3 arranged numerous charitable activities, such as presenting medicine and medical equipment to a local hospital; and providing HIV/AIDS rapid test kits, screening and consultations on HIV/AIDS prevention.

The hospital also supported an emergency surgery for Doctors Without Borders in a 10-day campaign.

Additional Vietnamese female officer assigned to UN peacekeeping mission
The Ministry of National Defence (MOD) held a ceremony in Hanoi on August 17 to hand over the State President’s decision on assigning Lieut. Col. Vu Thi Kim Oanh to the United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.
Engagement in UN peacekeeping operations raises Vietnam’s prestige
Vietnam’s engagement in UN peacekeeping operations over the past seven years has helped raise the country’s prestige and position in the world and win praise from the UN, international friends and local people, according to Major General Hoang Kim Phung, Director of the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations.
Vietnamese peacekeepers in South Sudan plant New Year tree
Vietnamese staff members of level-2 field hospital No. 3 in South Sudan have recently erected a “Neu” tree (New Year's tree) to kick off the traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) celebration.
Second group of Vietnam’s level-2 field hospital No. 3 departs for South Sudan
The second and last group of staff of Vietnam’s Level-2 Field Hospital No. 3 has departed for the United Nations’ peacekeeping mission in South Sudan from Ho Chi Minh City on April 21.
64 Vietnamese inoculated with Covid-19 vaccine before South Sudan deployment
A total 64 Vietnamese military medics set to join a U.N. peacekeeping mission to South Sudan received their first AstraZeneca Covid-19 shots Tuesday.

Source: NDO/VNA

Vietnamese blue beret soldiers, charity trip, South Sudan, level-2 field hospital, 92nd founding anniversary, Lunar New Year, Vietnam’s peacekeeping force, rapid test kits
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