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Bac Giang readies for new disease prevention state

(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province allows to resume all socio-economic activities (except for online games and karaoke services) from February 16, which is a happy new for local people. However, Covid-19 pandemic preventive measures must be maintained, especially vaccination and implementation of 5K message to safely adapt to the disease in new state.

Relaxation but not inattention

The resumption of all socio-economic activities after long period suspension for disease prevention and control brings positive signal in the early day of 2022.

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Health worker at the Medical station in Tan Thanh commune, Lang Giang district administers Covid-19 vaccine to local.

Nguyen Van Tuan, owner of David Tuan Fitness in Hung Vuong street, Hoang Van Thu ward, Bac Giang city said: “For nearly one year, my center has been suspended for Covid-19 prevention and control. After the news was released, many trainees joyfully registered to have in-person training course at the center. We arranged all devices and training space so as to have less than 10 persons per room while cleaning up all things by disinfectant at the end of day to ensure the safety. All staffs and coaches at my center were injected three Covid-19 vaccine doses”.

Recently, many owners of restaurant and gymnast suppliers …in Bac Giang city and other localities have prepared for re-opening day. Several officials, public servants and citizens are planning for relative visit and trip to other provinces.

Due to long suspension, local people are eager to know about the provincial decision to re-open all services from February 16. However, many facilities took advantage of this information and open the service ahead of schedule. The competent forces in localities have reinforced the patrol, communicated and punished the violated cases.

Vaccine “armor” and 5K implementation

According to the Department of Health, the province had detected more than 2,400 Covid-19 patients in community (346 cases per day on average) for over one week, many of whom are older, people with underlying diseases, unvaccinated workers or students.

Bac Giang province, new disease prevention state, Covid-19 prevention and control, socio-economic activities, reopen, resume operation, 5K message

A store on Nguyen Thi Luu street, Bac Giang city follows disease preventive rule.

Tu Quoc Hieu, Director of the Department of Health said nearly 100 percent of people aged over 12 in the province got one and two vaccine shots, 80 percent of adult population received three vaccine jabs, but the pandemic is complicatedly developed. Immediate vaccine armor is a necessary solution because people with three vaccine shots are still contracted to novel coronavirus but the risks of critical progress and fatality are much lower.

Currently, localities have speeded up the vaccination schedule to ready for reopening day from 0am on February 16.

At the teleconference on disease prevention and control on late February 9, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong directed that in the festival season this year, localities were allowed to launch ritual but not festive parts; wedding and funeral should reduce the scale. Officials, public servants and people could travel to other provinces with strict implementation of 5K message.

The number of local infections are increasing but with experiences gained in recent outbreaks, the Department of Health should instruct the grass roots medical forces to reinforce the capability to control, manage and treat Covid-19 patients (F0) at home.

The competent agencies must complete the software to manage F0 at home, boarding house as well as other technology applications to assist the disease prevention task; further enhance the model of community Covid-19 team; diversify the communication method to create active disease preventive awareness among people.

For recent days, Bac Giang has detected many infected students. The children under 12 are not vaccinated against Covid-19. Two sectors of health and education must cooperate to issue guidance for educational establishments to implement various measures to prevent the disease outbreak at school while flexibly organizing teaching and studying activities to adapt to new state.


Mai Toan
Bac Giang strives to cover 80 percent of IP workers with third Covid-19 vaccine shot by late January
(BGO) – According to the Industrial Park Management Board (IPMB), Bac Giang now has 385 operating companies in the industrial parks (IP) with more than 190,000 labours, 98.57 percent and 97.95 percent of whom received one and two vaccine shot respectively.
Actively providing home treatment support for Covid-19 patients
(BGO) - When the coverage of two vaccine doses for people aged 15 years and over in the province reaches over 97 percent and the injection of the third dose is being accelerated, from January 2022, Bac Giang will shift to treating asymptomatic Covid-19 patients at home in order to ease the load at medical facilities.
Bac Giang: 264,900 people receive third Covid-19 vaccine shot
(BGO) – Implementing peak period for Covid-19 vaccination in Bac Giang province, all localities have mobilized maximum man power and equipment to well conduct the task.
Bac Giang opens Covid booster vaccination campaign and focuses on solution to welcome Tet safely
(BGO) – Le Anh Duong, Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC), Leader of the provincial Command Center for Covid-19 Prevention and Control (Center) on January 1 chaired a teleconference at three levels (province, district, commune) about the Covid-19 preventive situation.
Bac Giang accelerates third Covid-19 vaccine shot to people
(BGO) – As of January 5, Bac Giang province was totally allocated more than three million doses of Covid-19 vaccine of AstraZeneca, Vero Cell, Pfizer, Moderna and administered over 2.9 million doses to people, reported the provincial Health Department.
Bac Giang province, new disease prevention state, Covid-19 prevention and control, socio-economic activities, reopen, resume operation, 5K message
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