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Fully vaccination and strict implementation of 5K message to prevent Covid-19

(BGO) – Bac Giang opened all socio-economic activities from February 16. Amid new situation, Tu Quoc Hieu, Director of the provincial Health Department, Vice Commander of the provincial Covid-19 Prevention and Control Center (Center) informed about the disease preventive strategy, policy and measures in the province.

What do you think about the disease situation in the province when all socio-economic activities are resumed?

Similar to common situation in the country, high number of infections are detected in all districts, city and industrial parks in Bac Giang province after Lunar New Year holiday. The reason was because many people in and outside the province travelled to several places, had large gatherings for party as well as religious events in such period.

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Tu Quoc Hieu.

In the upcoming time, the disease can be complicatedly developed. However, high rate of third shot vaccination of over 80 percent in the province will help reduce the critical and fatal cases.

What are the disease preventive measures (DPM) which the province directs to implement in new situation?

To meet the disease preventive demand in associated with strong development of production and business, the provincial Health Department consulted the provincial Steering Committee the following DPM:

Firstly, to continue communication work to raise people’s awareness about the pandemic; strictly follow 5K message; restrict unnecessary mass gatherings.

Secondly, to basically change the testing strategy. Rapid antigen test is enhanced. Test is not required for residents who travel within the province, are fully vaccinated as regulation or prove no symptom. The test is only done for returners from level 4 pandemic region, lockdown and quarantine sites or suspected cases. The organizations, agencies and companies can self-decide about the testing frequency, rate, subjects and method to ensure the disease preventive and production requirements.

Thirdly, to trace only people with direct contact to Covid-19 patient (F1) instead of the cases with close contact to F1.

Fourthly, to remove isolation measures for returner from pandemic hit area. These cases must well follow 5K message and self-monitor the health condition.

Fifthly, to basically change the treatment strategy. The infected cases (FO) are treated at home. The treatment facility only receives patients with mild symptoms while hospitals are for critical cases.

What do you judge about patient treatment at home and what are the lesson learnt?

Bac Giang province started to treat F0 at home from January 1, 2022 and gained positive results. As of February 11, 2022, 5,835 FO were treated at home in ten districts and city with 2,666 cases recovered from the disease (accounting for 45.69 percent). 3,814 people were under treatment (with mild or no symptom). Only 72 critical cases were hospitalized (1.2 percent).

Besides, the province established a network of 209 mobile medical stations in every commune, ward and town with qualified human resources, facilities and equipment to treat F0 at home.

Fully vaccination, Bac Giang province, strict implementation, 5K message, prevent Covid-19, Covid-19 pandemic, all socio-economic activities, preventive strategy, disease preventive measures

The staff at the Medical Station in Dinh Ke commune, Bac Giang city injects Covid-19 vaccine to the older person.

We have gained several lesson learnt during treating Covid-19 patients at home, as below:

The first is to only treat F0 at home when the locality covers two vaccine shots for the whole residents and continues the booster shot.

The second is the drastic instruction from the provincial Steering Committee so that the district and city could be boldly implement home treatment for F0. Apart from medical force, it is necessary to have the assistance from local organizations and agencies.

The third is sufficient issuance of instruction and guideline, regular training course to update knowledge. The inspection must be enhance to evaluate the actual situation before implementation.

The fourth is to strong communication so that people can understand, believe and cooperate during home treatment period.

The fifth is to enhance the information technology application to ease the management and supervision of patients as well as help people quickly access to health worker for consultation, instruction toward timely treatment.

Besides three vaccine shots, experts recommend people to continue serious implementation of 5K, restrict big gathering event, actively care and improve health condition to effectively prevent the disease because the cases with three vaccine shots can be contracted to novel coronavirus and widespread to others.

Thank you very much!

Kim Hieu
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Fully vaccination, Bac Giang province, strict implementation, 5K message, prevent Covid-19, Covid-19 pandemic, all socio-economic activities, preventive strategy, disease preventive measures
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