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Staying alert for Covid-19 prevention and control

(BGO) – The numbers of Covid-19 infections have been sharply increased in Bac Giang and other provinces recently, thus leading to the negative psychology of many people that “everyone will be infected sooner or later” and loose 5K implementation for disease prevention. Such awareness makes the disease more widespread in the community which causes unprecedented consequences in various aspects.

Disease infection brings many consequences

Covid-19 pandemic silently enters several families. Tran Thi T in Tan Phuong village, Tan My commune (Bac Giang city) said three days ago, his mother-in-law was contracted to novel coronavirus without knowing the source of infection. Her small daughter also got infected because she sleeps with the grandmother.

Staying alert, Covid-19 prevention and control, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 infections, sharply increased, negative psychology, 5K implementation, unprecedented consequences

The staff at mobile Medical Station in Duc Giang commune (Yen Dung district) visits home to take samples of children infected with Covid-19.

Her 70 year old father -in-law suffers from severe diabetes complications and relies all on her mother-in-law for every activity. When she must quarantine due to disease infection, the family truly concerns for him. Additionally, the housework is much harder when T has to care for the ill father and two isolated members.

The older son at seven grade has first symptom and now waits for test to confirm the condition. Personally, T has underlying disease but has to care for infected daughter every day. So all members in the family face high risk of infection.

She has never thought of such situation before. When several members must quarantine at home, she must spend great amount to buy necessities like blanket, pillow, curtain, facemasks, drugs, sanitizers, nutrition food and others.

All six members of Hoang Thi C in A Lu residential area in Tran Phu ward have won over Covid-19 “wave”. Parents must ask for absent from work, children left schools for two weeks, the cereal store of grandparents had to close down so no money earned. During the treatment period, the family paid over 20 million VND for drugs, facemasks, foods and necessities.

Staying alert for disease prevention

The community infections sharply increased, mostly in families. If the quarantine and 5K message are not well done, one case will transmit to three, five, all members and others.

Bac Giang covers almost population with two or three Covid-19 vaccine doses. Though the numbers of new cases much increase, most of them have mild or no symptom. Many considered that Covid-19 infection is just like common flu or even with lighter symptom, leading to their subjective thinking and loosening disease preventive measures for person, family and community. Hence, there are many new infections and the disease widely outbreaks in society.


Since January 1, 2022, Bac Giang has detected 41 fatal Covid-19 cases (four cases on March 8), many of whom were not vaccinated or fully inoculated against Covid-19.


The Department of Health confirmed on many new local infections with several older people and children. Many officials, public servants, staff and labours at organizations and agencies were contracted to the virus so they must quarantine which caused huge impacts on work. Though the healthy staff is ready to share their task and patients with mild symptom still work online at home, the efficiency is not as expected.

The tourism sites, restaurants and services supplying stores are deserted. Many places must suspend operation because the owners and staff got infected or customers fear of Covid-19. If current situation lasts long, it will lead to huge difficulties, loss and impacts on socio-economic activities and community health.

Every citizen needs to absolutely follow disease preventive measures, actively take care of the health. Covid-19 infection not only affects to the health, upset the life, work, study, and production, business but also robs off family fund.

Additionally, the Covid-19 outbreak makes the medical system overloaded, severe impacts on the group with high risk, especially the older or those with underlying disease. Even the recovered patient can be relapsed in case of bad disease prevention.


My Binh
Provincial young doctors’ association assists to treat Covid-19 patient at home via Facebook
(BGO) – Acknowledging the overload of Zalo groups providing consultation and assistance to treat Covid-19 patients (F0) at home, the Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) in Bac Giang province expands the consultation network on other social networks to enhance the efficiency of operation and management of patients by applying e-medical record.
Bac Giang provincial leader directs to focus on site work and avoid abusing of Covid-19 test
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Bac Giang covers third Covid-19 vaccine shot to 90.7 percent of adult population
(BGO) – Completing the Urgent Spring Vaccination Campaign in 2022 (from January 29 to February 28), Bac Giang province covered third Covid-19 vaccine shot to 90.7 percent of adult population (exceeding the target of 86 percent) and entered the list of six leading provinces and cities with highest vaccine coverage nationwide.
Fully vaccination and strict implementation of 5K message to prevent Covid-19
(BGO) – Bac Giang opened all socio-economic activities from February 16. Amid new situation, Tu Quoc Hieu, Director of the provincial Health Department, Vice Commander of the provincial Covid-19 Prevention and Control Center (Center) informed about the disease preventive strategy, policy and measures in the province.
Bac Giang provides timely support for workers from other provinces infected with Covid-19
(BGO) - In recent days, the number of Covid-19 patients in Bac Giang province has increased, including many workers from other provinces who are working in local industrial zones and clusters. Many of them have been supported both materially and spiritually by local authorities, businesses, boarding house owners, and residents.
Staying alert, Covid-19 prevention and control, Bac Giang province, Covid-19 infections, sharply increased, negative psychology, 5K implementation, unprecedented consequences
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