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Bac Giang focuses resources on science-technology and innovation

(BGO) - In the process of development and integration, Bac Giang identifies science-technology and innovation as a breakthrough to improve productivity, quality and competitiveness of goods. From vivid reality, science-technology and innovation continue to be seen as the leading driving force for Bac Giang's rapid and sustainable development.

Implementing the orientations and directions of the Government and the province, over the years, science-technology and innovation activities in the province have been enhanced, promoted and spread in all socio-economic development fields.

Bac Giang province, focuses resources, science-technology and innovation, development and integration, leading driving force, rapid and sustainable development, foreign direct investment, large-scale production areas

On behalf of the provincial leaders, Mai Son, Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, and a representative of the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group sign a cooperation agreement.

The outstanding result is the application of information technology in administrative reform. Now all the direction and management activities of the administration are done on the cyber space. Thanks to that, the provincial-level evaluation indicators have all improved strongly, with many important indicators in the top of the country.

Strong changes in administrative reform have contributed to improving the investment and business environment. In recent years, Bac Giang has continuously been in the leading group of the country in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

The fields of industry and agriculture have made great progress. Many high-tech products were first produced in Bac Giang such as Apple Watch and unmanned aircraft... The province has built 766 high-tech agricultural models. A number of concentrated, large-scale production areas applying high technology have been formed to create value chains such as Yen The hill chicken raising area, Tan Yen clean pig breeding area, fruit tree areas and a 50,000ha national key area under the direction of the Prime Minister.

It can be seen that science-technology and innovation activities have made important contributions to the socio-economic development of the province. In 2021, despite being heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Bac Giang is still the bright spot of the country in terms of implementing "dual goals", with many impressive and outstanding results.

With the above results, Bac Giang has learned a number of lessons as follows:

Many issued mechanisms and policies to support the development and application of science and technology have proven effective, especially in digital transformation, industrial development, agriculture, intellectual property, innovative start-ups, etc. .

The State management of science and technology is becoming more and more effective.

The province always accompanies and encourages businesses and people in the province to promote the synchronous application of scientific and technical advances.

In order to realize the goals to turn Bac Giang into a modern industrial province by 2030, the science and technology sector needs to continue to give advice and organize the effective implementation of the following main tasks:

Firstly, it must continue to pay attention to training in order to improve professional qualifications, skills and scientific research capacity for the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees.

Bac Giang province, focuses resources, science-technology and innovation, development and integration, leading driving force, rapid and sustainable development, foreign direct investment, large-scale production areas

An electronic component production line of New Wing Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd.

Secondly, it needs to prioritize and focus resources on science and technology development, gradually increase spending on science, technology and innovation in the total local budget expenditure, and invest in infrastructure construction to meet the needs of science and technology activities.

Thirdly, the sector should improve the efficiency of State management of science and technology; well implement the approved projects, programmes and plans; accompany businesses and take them as the center and the main driving force of economic growth, thus creating breakthroughs in productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness.

With the achieved results, plus the right orientations, determination of the whole political system, and drastic, creative and effective methods and ways, we can believe and expect that science-technology and innovation activities will continue to affirm their role and position, contributing to promoting production and business, and socio-economic development as a whole, towards the goal of "For the comprehensive and firm development of Bac Giang".

Mai Son, member of the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee 

and Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee

Boosting digital economy
(BGO)- In the Resolution No 111-NQ/TU of the provincial Party Committee, digital economy is targeted at 25 percent of the province’s Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) and among the 3 key pillars including digital government, digital society and digital economy by 2025. In order to reach the set target, the province has seen dramatic transformation from the traditional economy to digital economy.
Building digital government to better service
(BGO) - In 2020, Bac Giang ranked 10th out of 63 provinces and cities in digital transformation, of which, the value of digital government ranked 7th nationwide, the highest ranking of the 3 pillars. This result was gained thanks to the province’s efforts in construction of infrastructure and completion of specialized information system based on digital platforms and run by digital procedures.
Bac Giang city builds smart urban on digital base
(BGO) - Determining to build smart urban, improve the management and operational effectiveness of authorities at all levels to serve people, Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) has focused on investing and effectively implementing digital transformation platform in every aspect.
Bac Giang accelerates digital transformation at one-stop-shop divisions
(BGO)- With the goal of renovating the operation of the one-stop-shop (OSS) divisions at all levels, Bac Giang province is promoting digital transformation in public service provision in association with the digitization of documents to create maximum conditions for the staff in the handling of administrative procedures.
Bac Giang issues Digital transformation plan in 2022
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has issued Plan No.5755/KH-UBND on November 2, 2021 about digital transformation in Bac Giang province in 2022.

Bac Giang province, focuses resources, science-technology and innovation, development and integration, leading driving force, rapid and sustainable development, foreign direct investment, large-scale production areas
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