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Vietnam successfully produces vaccine against African swine fever

Vietnam has successfully produced a vaccine against African swine fever (ASF), said Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien on June 1.

The ministry will officially announce this achievement, and grant a circulation permit for the vaccine on June 3, stated Tien.

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The press conference on the African swine fever vaccine.

The vaccine has the trade name of NAVET-ASFVAC produced by NAVETCO National Veterinary Joint Stock Company, with the expected price at 34,000 VND – 36,000 VND (1.47 USD – 1.55 USD) per dose.

According to him, although more than 4,000 studies related to the virus and vaccine development by scientists have been published, there has been no commercial vaccine against the disease in the world so far.

To date, no country in the world has announced successful production of a commercial vaccine against disease. Therefore, the potential for exporting the vaccine produced in Vietnam is huge, he added.

ASF is a highly contagious viral disease of domestic and wild pigs, whose mortality rate can reach 100 percent. Not a danger to human health, yet it has devastating effects on pig populations and the farming economy.

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Source: NDO/VNA

Vietnam, successfully produces vaccine, African swine fever, circulation permit, vaccine development, contagious viral disease, farming economy
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