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Bac Giang replicates civilized weddings

(BGO) - With the Covid-19 epidemic under control, many couples have begun thinking about a wedding. The Party committees and authorities in Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province have encouraged locals to organize civilized and economical weddings.

Simple, formal, meaningful weddings

Recently, the family of Nguyen Trung Dung in Residential Area 5, Tran Nguyen Han ward held a wedding for his son, Nguyen Trung Kien. Being advised by the leaders of ward and residential area, the family held a tea and confectionery party with a number of simple rituals. The bride and groom wore traditional ao dai (long dresses) supported by the ward authorities.

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Representatives of Hoang Van Thu ward’s authorities give marriage certificate and congratulatory letter to the new couple.

The ceremony became more formal when in addition to relatives, friends, neighbors, and inter-family groups, ward leaders and representatives of mass organizations also came to attend the wedding and present gifts to the couple. The ward youth union was in charge of decorating, arranging tables and chairs, preparing drinking water, and organizing art performances.

Implementing Project 03 of the People's Committee of Bac Giang city on enhancing the implementation of a civilized lifestyle in weddings in the locality in the 2019-2021 period, with orientations to 2025, over the past time, most of the city's households have complied with the regulations and recommendations of the province and the cultural sector in organizing weddings. Leaders of wards and communes send congratulatory letters to couples on their weddings, which also feature a number of regulations on organization of civilized weddings.

Since March, Le Loi ward has persuaded three families to implement this model. Do Thi Tuyet, Vice Chairman of the ward People's Committee, said that along with disseminating the regulations on the radio system, the ward has also directed judicial, cultural officers and representatives of residential areas to soon grasp and promptly popularize the regulations so that people can see the benefits of civilized wedding organization.

Persevere in persuading residents

In the past time, in order to create conditions for people to organize civilized weddings and implement the policy of not arranging wedding tables in the roadway that causes traffic unsafety and affects urban scenery, the city People's Committee invested 14.4 billion VND (620,700 USD) in renovating, repairing and installing electricity and water systems at 56 locations which are capable of serving weddings such as cultural houses, concentrated amusement areas and public land areas.

Bac Giang province, replicates civilized weddings, Covid-19 epidemic, civilized and economical weddings, meaningful wedding, art performances, civilized lifestyle

A leader of Tran Nguyen Han ward presents gifts to congratulate the young couple in Residential Area 5 in their civilized and thrifty wedding.

Now more than 80 percent of villages and residential areas have venues for weddings, contributing to raising people's awareness of complying with regulations.

However, facilities in villages and residential areas have not yet met the needs of the people in terms of quantity. In some places, the local Party committees and authorities have not been active in deploying and replicating the model of civilized and economical wedding.

In order to make organization of civilized and thrifty weddings a cultural feature of the people, the city People's Committee has directed wards and communes to continue effectively implementing Project 03, focusing on disseminating regulations on civilized lifestyle in organizing weddings on mass media, visual activities and social networks as well as conferences, seminars, contests and festivals in order to create clear changes in awareness and compliance of the residents.

It has also promoted the role and responsibilities of relevant units in inspecting and supervising the setting up of wedding tables on all roads in the locality and the compliance with relevant regulations; promptly praised collectives, individuals, and role models for replication as well as criticized violators.

From practical experience, Vi Quoc Hung, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Tran Nguyen Han ward, said that it is necessary to persistently polularise regulations and persuade families to organize civilized weddings.


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Bac Giang province, replicates civilized weddings, Covid-19 epidemic, civilized and economical weddings, meaningful wedding, art performances, civilized lifestyle
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