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Media join hands in lychee consumption

(BGO) - As the locality with biggest lychee growing area in the country and high productivity, Bac Giang province has paid due attention to product promotion and consumption and communication task. Following the orientation and actual season situation, the journalists regularly provide useful information to the readers, traders, farmers and customers.

Key information channel

Lychee is not only a famous fruit in Bac Giang but also national brand. Communication is one of key factors helping bring the lychee further to both domestic and foreign markets. Via lychee information, the traders, organizations and individuals knew about the local fruits then connected to buy and consume the products.

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Reporters interview Chairman of Luc Ngan district People’s Committee La Van Nam about lychee production and consumption in 2022.

Bac Giang lychee also received due attention from numerous press agencies, especially Bac Giang Newspaper. Defining it is key political task, the Board of Editor at Bac Giang Newspaper ordered competent departments to prepare communication plan, strictly follow the provincial direction and actual situation. Thus, several news, articles and information about lychee are published on printings and products of Bac Giang Newspaper, many of which are translated into English for international readers in different countries and territories.

The communication task left best impression in 2021 season when Bac Giang became Covid-19 epicenter in Vietnam. There were huge challenges for farm produce consumption due to lockdown and isolation condition for pandemic prevention and control. The journalist from other provinces could not conduct field trip at lychee land for information and image.

At that time, local reporters of Bac Giang Newspaper not only well fulfilled the communication task in the province but also acted as the channel to provide key information and cooperate with press agencies across the nation to propagandize about lychee consumption.

To sum up 2021 lychee season, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Phan The Tuan evaluated: “The lychee revenue in 2021 hit over six trillion VND (260 million USD) which was the same as previous year with no disease impact. The result was gained thanks to important contribution of communication. The honestly reflections helped encouraged the lychee growers to provide better products to the customers”.

Cautious and careful reflection

Local reporters of Bac Giang province always take lessons from each lychee season. In previous crop, they focused on communication to inform readers about Bac Giang’s effort on Covid-19 prevention and control when selling lychees.

This year, the key factor is product quality so the good implementation of food hygiene and safety, GlobalGAP, VietGAP and organic trend as well as authority management of product quality are regularly posted on newspaper.

In early lychee harvest season, Bac Giang Newspaper opened specific column “Bustling lychee season 2022” featuring various contents in diverse forms of news, photos, articles, video, E-Magazine and Infographic to help readers easily access to the information.

Closely watching over the lychee season, apart from praising prominent advantages in production and consumption activities, the newspaper actively criticizes the limitations and shortcomings in this crop. When the information is published, the competent agencies join hands and impose strict punishment to deter and restrict the recurrent.

At the era of Industry 4.0, anyone can search for online information by fews operations on computer or smart phone. A careless action would lead to false news and loss to farmers.

It is coming to main lychee season in Bac Giang province. The journalists have followed the production and market situation to provide quick, appropriate and correct news about arising issues so as to join hands in lychee consumption.


Trinh Lan
Bac Giang ensures lychee preliminary processing and packing specification for export
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Youths volunteer to support lychee sale
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Bac Giang exports lychee to China via green zone
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Media, join hands, lychee consumption, Bac Giang province, biggest lychee growing area, high productivity, promotion and consumption, useful information, Key information channel
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